If you are running an online business with an e-commerce site, you may want to keep yourself updated with the two new carding bots. These continue to threaten the safety and security of e-commerce platforms. The carding bots have been discovered by PerimeterX at the start of the year’s busiest shopping period. The research team did their investigation when their own checkout pages got attacked as well. When you work with an IT support team in Northern Virginia, you can establish your first line of defense against these threats and easily detect them when they occur.

Carding is a severe attack on retailer websites using stolen gift cards or credit cards. Threat actors utilize it to mass-verify many stolen credit cards to create a list of valid ones, and the validated cards are usually sold on the black market for about $45 and exchanged for untraceable gift cards. This lets cyber-criminals hide their identity. Seasoned Maryland Tech Support can anticipate such attacks and prevent them from bypassing the security of your own retail website.

Attackers will typically buy something low-cost from your retail site to verify the cards. Upon validation, the card can now be used top to pay for more expensive goods. This can result in big losses, which you and payment processors will need to cover. One of the latest carding bots is called ‘canary,’ and it exploits leading e-commerce platforms. The other bot is ‘shortcut,’ which entirely bypasses e-commerce websites and exploits the APIs of card payment vendors used in a mobile app or website.

Both bots are able to emulate human behavior, so they can be hard to detect with conventional security measures. However, with the right IT support service from Washington DC, you can keep your e-commerce site and your customers protected at all costs. The more you should consider outsourcing your IT support to Northern Virginia if are a small business with nothing to lose.

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