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Orion Networks is the top IT technical support company for businesses throughout Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Best IT Technical Services in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland

Only The Best IT Technical Services In DC, VA and MD

At Orion Networks, we provide comprehensive Tech Support to businesses of all sizes spanning multiple vertical industries. We understand that each industry has unique opportunities, challenges, and requirements, and that’s why we tailor our services to provide the business outcome that meets your specific industry needs.

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Tech Support For The Healthcare Community

At Orion Networks, we believe that your IT should protect and enhance your patient’s experience – not hinder it. The less time you spend worrying about system downtime and complications, the more you can focus on what really matters, which is providing exceptional care. Whether you’re already established, looking to expand, or building your practice from the ground up, we deliver best-in-class technology along with strategies and solutions that your practice needs.

With our innovative IT solutions, we ensure that healthcare providers can deliver an enhanced patient experience and meet the changing requirements of this industry. From refining your patient data management system to preventing tech failures and outages, we’ll help you improve patient care. We can integrate all digital data, including imaging and x-rays, EHR (Electronic Health Records), tablets, and PCs.

We provide support services for standard EMR and specialty software typically used in various practices, such as RevelutionEHR, Dentrix, and Dexis, so you get all the support in one place. We also bring your practice into HIPAA cybersecurity compliance by providing advanced firewall, antivirus, email filters, and backup strategies. We also provide 24/7 help desk services, threat detection, incident response, secure collaboration tools, disaster recovery solutions, and more to ensure your practice is secure and doesn’t experience any downtime.

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Tech Support For The Healthcare Community in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland
Expert IT Guidance For All Medical & Healthcare Organizations in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland

Expert IT Guidance For All Medical & Healthcare Organizations

  • Implementing and enhancing electronic health record capabilities
  • Improving patient data security
  • Driving greater adoption of enterprise mobility in clinical activities
  • Reducing application management costs by migrating workloads to the cloud
  • Improving hospital operations with the internet of things (IoT) innovation
  • Increasing contact center efficiency

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Expert Tech Support For Law Firms & Law Offices

When you manage a law firm, you have access to sensitive information daily. Ensuring your systems and data are secure is no longer an option but an ethical and legal requirement. With our Tech Support for the legal industry, we’ll help your law practice maintain client confidentiality, protect against data vulnerabilities and stay compliant with industry regulations by implementing enhanced security measures.

Because uptime is critical and your firm needs to operate without interruption, we offer 24/7 support and act as a single point of contact for all your IT and communications needs. We can also help you develop an IT strategy that allows you to create a future-proof digital workspace that will allow you to stay current and agile as technology advances. Some of the Tech Support we provide to law firms in the DC Metro area, Virginia and Maryland include:

  • Help desk support
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates
  • IT consulting services
  • Management and monitoring of devices, servers, and networks
  • Cloud services
  • Hardware upgrades

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Expert Tech Support For Law Firms & Law Offices in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland
Quality Tech Support For Engineering Firms in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland

Quality Tech Support For Engineering Firms

The unique nature of the engineering industry means that you need a reliable IT support company that can keep up with your company’s demands is crucial. At Orion Networks, we provide dedicated help desk support and network monitoring to ensure uptime.

Our experts will manage access to your most important data, keep critical information secure with firewalls and monitoring, improve your business performance with the right mix of network management, security, and bandwidth. We work with engineering firms to create comprehensive IT strategies and technology roadmaps to align company revenue and growth objectives with world-class Tech Support and solutions.

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IT Solutions For Real Estate

At Orion Networks, we understand that the real estate industry is dynamic. To stay competitive, you must utilize technology to access critical data and increase productivity. With our comprehensive IT solutions for real estate, we can help you reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, achieve that competitive advantage and grow your company.

With our data loss prevention and security measures, we take data protection to the next level by implementing a multilayered security strategy and sophisticated encryption and data leakage solutions. Our cloud solutions allow your team to securely connect from anywhere and access documents, files, emails, and other critical assets. Not only do we provide you with the solutions your business needs to run at full steam, but we also provide ongoing support to solve any problems that might arise and ensure you’re maximizing your technology. We also ensure your firm has a data backup plan in place.

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IT Solutions For Real Estate in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland
Tech Support For Non Profit Organizations in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland

Tech Support For Non Profit Organizations

Many nonprofits deal with unoptimized technology systems due to budgetary constraints, limited internal bandwidth, or a lack of expertise, which can hold them back, causing miscommunications, inefficiencies, and general frustration. At Orion Networks, we provide nonprofTech Support designed to improve operations and increase efficiency, so you can maximize your impact. We help nonprofits implement and manage the technological solutions they need to achieve their goals without being cost-prohibitive.

We can help your organization leverage IT to communicate with the public and build support for your mission, protect your donor and client information, implement a disaster recovery plan to allow the organization to function during a crisis, and analyze data to decide how to direct your resources.

As your IT partner, we monitor your organization’s IT 24/7, manage backup and disaster recovery processes, evaluate and migrate to cloud technology options, implement effective data protection and security solutions, provide network design and installation services and develop a strategic technology plan to support future growth. We also support a year of free IT service for an eligible nonprofit organization as part of our community program.

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Tech Support For Education

Technology is changing the delivery of education at all institutional levels. The education industry places significant focus on using technology to broaden opportunities for learning through innovations such as apps, videos, online training, and distance learning. This creates a need for fast and reliable networks that support the increasing number of devices and enable connectedness.

Orion Networks helps educational institutions improve their IT capabilities, manage risk, and protect students’ personal information. We provide a full suite of innovative technology solutions that help the faculty work more efficiently, administrators stay more closely connected to staff, and allow students to enjoy better access to resources, which leads to an improved academic experience. We provide 24/7 IT help-desk support to ensure issues are resolved quickly and help with IT equipment upgrades and provide software support ensuring that you have the latest security upgrades.

Orion Network experts will ensure that your IT systems and processes have the appropriate levels of governance and align with your educational institution’s organizational goals. Our cybersecurity solutions ensure that staff and student data are protected – we can help you identify and prioritize IT risk and develop a plan to address it. We make it easy to be a client. Initial onboarding is simple, fast, and transparent, allowing us to ramp up quickly and support time-sensitive initiatives.

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Tech Support For Education in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland
Orion Networks Solutions in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland

Industry-Specific Tech Support from Orion Networks

If managing your business’ IT infrastructure is distracting you from focusing on your business’s most important goals, then you should consider outsourcing your Tech Support to Orion Networks. Our security professionals are certified to the highest levels across multiple vendors, technologies, and industry standards.

Our team leverages industry-specific knowledge to provide a high level of personalized service that eliminates downtime, maximizes productivity, and levels the playing field against the giants in your market. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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