Technology gets more complex every new day, yet more compact. Organizations are now using more communication devices and downsizing their IT functions at the same time. The days of large computer rooms and large in-house IT staffs are now gone.

Reliable IT service providers like Orion Network Solutions can relieve you from the complex and respective IT functions, allowing you to focus on your core business and utilize your IT resources to reap the most significant rewards. You’ll no longer struggle with challenges like managing your company staff and security and deploying the latest technologies.

Every IT company in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC will promise to eliminate the distractions and nuisance of IT into dependable systems. However, not all can match the skill set and experience displayed by tech experts from Orion Network Solutions. This detailed piece covers our comprehensive skill set and how our expertise will help improve your operations and IT ROI.

Scope of Orion Network Solutions Skill Set

Orion Network Solutions’ best asset is our experienced personnel. Our IT Service team is highly skilled, and our staff members have years of experience in addressing the technology needs of companies in vast sectors. Furthermore, we are home to Microsoft-certified professionals who will aptly guide you with your cloud deployment.

Here’s an overview of our skill set:

Microsoft 365 Deployment and Maintenance

Office 365 is the ideal productivity suite for numerous organizations. It offers a wide range of intuitive systems, apps, and cloud-based hosting services, making it a vital tool for replacing your clucky hardware, improving overall efficiency, and facilitating the modern workplace.

After choosing the right Microsoft 365 service for your organization, you must also ensure proper deployment across the board. There’re numerous deployment considerations to always have in mind, and failing to get it right the first time could be costly. Fortunately, our Microsoft 365 deployment is here to relieve you from all that worry.

Simply put, they’re experts at their craft. Our qualified specialists have years of experience in deploying different Office systems for organizations in various sectors. What’s more, they’ve trained on implementing best practices, hence will help with seamless migration and business data integration.

Our team also offers system implementation services to keep you up and running. Furthermore, our Office 365 consultation services are readily available, and we’ll be there to listen to you whenever you need us.

Cybersecurity Compliance, Including CMMC and NIST

One of the key challenges for companies in different industries is meeting government regulations. NIST is responsible for developing and issuing guidelines, standards, and other publications for cost-effective programs for securing information systems and data of federal agencies.

Organizations in the federal supply chain must comply with NIST SP 800-171 and NIST SP 800-53 mandates. Furthermore, they must also comply with CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification), focused on ensuring companies in government supply chains have an enhanced cybersecurity posture. Our team can handle the following functions:

  • NIST Assessments – US defense subcontractors and suppliers bound by the NIST mandates will find our NIST assessments beneficial. Evidence of NIST compliance is vital for eligibility for DoD contracts. The evidence may include formal documentation like POA&M (Plans of Actions with Milestones) and SSP (System Security Plans). We’ll conduct a NIST assessment and share recommendations for remediation.
  • CMMC preparedness – This unified cybersecurity standard also enhances the security posture of organizations within government supply chains. With the gradual transition by the Department of Defense from NIST  800-171 to CMMC, you must stay ahead. Orion Network Solutions is authorized to offer pre-assessment consulting to prepare your organization for a CMMC audit.

Microsoft Cloud Services such as Azure

Migrating your data and applications to Microsoft cloud services is no easy feat, and you need vast background information to get it right. For instance, the Azure platform encompasses over 200 cloud services and products to bring new solutions to life. Without adequate knowledge, it’ll be hard to choose the right tools to develop, run, and manage your apps.

What you need for your Microsoft cloud deployment are open-source technologies and tools you can trust. Our experienced tech consultants will help you migrate with precision, guiding you through the different devices, databases, frameworks, and operating systems. As a result, you will enjoy a seamless migration from in-house systems and also get time to enhance your core operations and meet your business goals.

Our comprehensive cloud consulting services focus on critical business solutions to help you utilize leading cloud platforms to the max.

Cybersecurity Services

Cyber threats are getting more complex by the day. For growing businesses, adequate capacity and cybersecurity tools are a problem; hence most end up lagging with cybersecurity measures. Moreover, considering how easy it is for hackers to initiate attacks, organizations now struggle with many uncertainties and risks.

Our cybersecurity solutions portfolio comprises different services designed to address all your organizations’ needs. Our customized services meet your specific requirements, providing detailed dashboards, reporting, and notifications. These include:

  • Penetration testing – Protecting your organization from cyber threats is our ultimate goal. To achieve this, we partner with reliable security solution providers to offer insight into loopholes within your web application or IT environment. In addition, our comprehensive penetration tests are designed to keep your defense secure.
  • DDoS IP protection – We use scrubbing centers across the globe to identify incoming DDoS attacks and deter or redirect the malicious traffic to prevent it from accessing your IP address.
  • Managed Cyber Security – Our managed cybersecurity services are fully integrated, comprising top-shelf Security Information and Event Monitoring solutions, reliable correlation engines, and a qualified team of cybersecurity professionals. This monitors your infrastructure around the clock and provides a proactive threat response to mitigate attacks.

Managed Tech Support

Every modern organization has ongoing IT functions that require regular management. For example, equipment must be kept up and running, applications must be hosted and monitored constantly, and robust security measures must be in place to actively deter threats. But not all companies have the right resources for effective task management.

Orion Network Solutions’ services are backed with years of experience in IT management spanning all-round support for on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid infrastructures. It also includes migration and consulting services for a proactive tech evolution.

Reach Out to the Best

The continuously advancing IT landscape shouldn’t pose challenges for your organization. Rather, you should use the efficiency and collaborative environment provided by these resources to your advantage. IT experts at Orion Network Solutions are qualified and experienced to meet all your IT needs and help you focus on critical operations. So speak with us about improving your IT infrastructure today.

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