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If you are considering outsourcing your Tech Support, there are a lot of reasons you should consider doing so. You want to let your expertise be on creating solid educational content, so you can focus on teaching. Get some help in areas where you might not be an expert, like in IT. Working hand-in-hand with an outside IT company lets your experts focus on creating content, and the IT experts make sure everything runs smoothly.

There are a wide variety of ways an IT support company is going to help you as an educator.

Make Your Learning Environment Reliable

With so much learning and education taking place online nowadays, you want to make sure your platforms are reliable. Is your team better at creating the learning content or worrying about your IT servers and making sure they stay online? You have a team of educators working to create the best learning experiences.

By working with an Tech Support company that specializes in IT, you will make sure your educators are always working with reliable and secure platforms online. There’s nothing worse than having great content that you can’t access because you have IT problems.

Monitor IT Security

Let’s face it, IT security can be stressful. Trying to keep your network safe from hackers, running platforms so you can offer mobile access, and just providing a safe haven for students can all be tiresome tasks.

A good IT security team can help with all of that. As an educator, you will also have to comply with a lot of laws and regulations at both the state and the federal level. You can put IT systems in place to help you ensure you remain compliant.

With a CyberSecurity Risk Assessment, you will be able to determine any gaps in your security posture. You might think these types of risk assessments are unnecessary or a waste of money. However, it’s always important to prevent cyber attacks rather than deal with the fallout when they do happen. And, there is no doubt about it, cyber-attacks can and will happen. It’s a lot easier, and cheaper, to prevent an attack, than picking up the pieces after a cyber attack.

Hardware Services For Education

IT equipment is about more than just the computers you use to get online. Not only can an Tech Support company help you gain an understanding of exactly what you need, in many cases, they also might get a discount on hardware for ordering in bulk. You can eliminate the stress and hassle of figuring out what IT equipment you need and also possibly get it at a discounted rate.

The Tech Support team can also help you know when it’s time to upgrade hardware. Oftentimes, you can get away with doing software refreshes and upgrades to existing equipment. But, as you have probably experienced at one time or another, all IT equipment has a shelf-life. There are only so many times that a computer can be upgraded before it’s time to get a new one. Let the experts help you determine the right time to upgrade your equipment.

Software Support

Speaking of software upgrades, a good Tech Support company will make sure your hardware is always configured with the latest and greatest programs you need to succeed. From installing new software to making sure you have the right security patches enabled on your machine, you will find it is nice to have a dedicated IT support team you can offload any IT problems on, which will allow you to free up your time to focus on where your expertise lies.

As new software upgrades are rolled out, the IT team will also provide any necessary training to the users of the software. There will never be steep learning curves, and your team will always have access to the top software, and know how to use it!

Education Tech Support Into The Future

Any business needs to plan for the future. An Tech Support company can work hand in hand with your team as you develop 3-5 year plans. Will your company be growing and expanding? If so, what Tech Support will best help you complete those growth plans? In addition to preventing future cyber attacks on your system, and planning both future hardware and future software upgrades, Tech Support can also help you budget and make plans for growth and expansion in the future.

If you do not offer mobile IT support now, that could also be something you think about adding down the road. Does your team all have company-issued mobile phones? If not, will it make them more productive if they do? You can plan and budget for those extra expenses, realizing it might mean you can offer after-hours services to customers, which could help you increase your revenue. Your Tech Support team can help you plan and budget for all your future needs, so you are not doing it on your own!

Help Desk Tech Support In Education

Let your IT Help Desk be staffed 24/7, so your employees can always get help, no matter when they need it! This is a huge burden to take off yourself, and you will feel a weight lifted by having an Tech Support team readily available to answer any crisis questions. Don’t risk your team and your company suffering in performance because they don’t have the IT tools they need. A good Help Desk will get your IT equipment back up and running in no time at all. From simple password resets to reimaging entire computers, a Help Desk can be a vital part of your business.

What’s Next With Education Tech Support?

Reach out and contact us today to set up a free consultation and learn all about how our Tech Support can help you! Keeping your focus on education is vital to your team’s success. Give us a call and learn how an Tech Support team can help you keep your efforts where they belong – on education, by seamlessly working on every aspect of IT behind the scenes!

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