We have been serving Washington DC, Maryland and  Virginia businesses with a commitment and trust that goes beyond just a servicing & client relationship. We strongly believe in the positive effect our businesses have on our community. We strive to further enable that through removing any hurdles and increasing their efficiency with the best IT tools and resources that are out there.

Our core principles and our guarantee below reflect our approach and are integral part of how each and every member of our team operates –

Our Core Principles

  • Respect our Customers

We hold this high on list. It is amazing how many times we have come across an IT company behaving headstrong or irrational with their customers. We will never have a single interaction with a customer wherein they feel we are not listening. We are here for them and not other way around!

  • Believe that our customer always deserve better and strive towards that –

We see ourselves as IT partners for our clients and not just service vendors. We always strive to figure out whats next & best for our clients businesses. We spend time to understand their work flows so we can help them become better & more efficient. The only way we can be in business is to ensure our clients are ahead of their competition.

  • Be Competitive

No matter how long we have been doing this, we are never shy of facing competition or ignore them. We make sure we are offering the best & across broad spectrum, to stay ahead of competition. We always acknowledge, embrace and stay ahead of our competition.

  • Maintain our commitments and Honesty

Once we make a commitment, we will do everything to ensure we see it through. We have a rigorous SLA (Service Level Agreement) escalation policy that ensures we never miss them and in rare cases when we do, we ensure we learn and never repeat.
And we are always upfront and honest in every interaction. We will not recommend an upgrade if its not needed right away. That surprises our clients quite a bit but it’s the way we believe will generate long term trust and confidence with our clients.

Our Guarantee across our services driven by our core principles

  • No Commitment Trial

You can sign up for any maintenance plan & try us for 30 days absolutely free. If you don’t like what you see or get, you just discontinue our services at any time

  • Service Guarantee

If you don’t get a response from any our team member with 3 hours of initial contact, we don’t charge you for that month. We are accountable for our service and its only fair we don’t get paid if we don’t provide it in time

  • Competitive Warranty

We strive to provide best possible services at competitive pricing for our clients. If you get any other quotes that is more competitive than ours, please send it over and we will not just match but provide an additional 10% discount

We hope we get a chance to give you a preview of our core principles and guarantees in action.

Contact us today to get started on a free assessment of your IT service and support needs.