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Outsourced technology leadership services (Virtual CTO Services) in the Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland areas.

Do You Have The Expertise Necessary To Oversee Your IT

Do You Have The Expertise Necessary To Oversee Your IT?

We understand that as a small business owner you want to ensure that the business is heading in the right direction. You may not have the time, resources, or even the knowledge to envision a technology solution and to manage its implementation.

Hiring a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is expensive and comes with a number of additional overheads. That’s why Orion Network Solution’s Virtual CTO (vCTO) service is the perfect fit for you.

What Will A vCTO Do For You?

Orion’s vCTO will cover all your technology needs, working as an IT partner, not as an outsourced provider. Your vCTO will serve the comprehensive needs of your business in the full range of the business cycle by aligning IT and business goals so that technology no longer just serves the business but helps it grow.

What Will A vCTO Do For You
Optimize Your IT—From The Top Down

Optimize Your IT—From The Top Down

  • IT Architecture – We will evaluate your current enterprise applications and provide solutions to enhance them for greater user productivity.
  • Long Term Planning – Your vCTO will assess and improve your immediate and long term business plan, and help develop a custom roadmap to help you meet your goals.
  • IT Operations – We’ll leverage the vCTO service to implement highly redundant infrastructure services and policies that will enable your business to run day-to-day IT Operations smoothly.
  • Security Management – Orion’s vCTO will implement policies and analyze risk that will ensure your IT network is in compliance with current security standards, which will enable protection against hackers, malware’s and any unauthorized access to the company networks.
  • Disaster Recovery – We will design and deploy procedures to confidently backup and test your mission-critical data.
  • Vendor Management – Your vCTO will help you identify and manage IT vendors that will meet your specific business needs and keep costs as low as possible.
Orion Networks Solutions

Remove IT Strategy And Oversight From Your Workload

As your vCTO, Orion Networks will be available to consult on every big decision that involves technology.

No matter their size, every business needs a dependable resource for expert IT advice as they make decisions for the future of their company. Proper planning not only helps you to avoid technological missteps that can often result in IT issues, but it also adds further value to your company as it develops.

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