Healthcare Tech Support In Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Are you located in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia  area and tired of dealing with various IT service providers? We provide reliable and comprehensive one stop solutions for all your IT needs.

Healthcare Tech Support In Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Today’s healthcare organizations are challenged by a changing landscape that requires a dramatic evolution of your technology infrastructure. However, it can be difficult to keep pace with these changing needs. That’s where we come in! With several years of experience in providing IT support to healthcare organizations and clinics, we help in ensuring you are able to not just keep up but also leverage the most up-to-date technologies.

Many healthcare organizations have already taken an important first step in their IT journey by developing their IT infrastructure. But if you have not, we help you get there in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Whether your healthcare technology needs are large or small, we provide the most reliable and comprehensive IT solutions.

Providing Tech Support For Healthcare Organizations In Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland

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We also provide basic support services for standard EMR and specialty software typically used in various practices so you get all the support at one place. Below is an example off some software that we provide the support for –

  • Eye Care
  • Dental
    • Dental Practice Management system from Henry Schein including Dentrix
    • X-Ray and Imaging software like Dexis
  • Veterinary
    • Cloud-based practice management system including VetOfficeSuite
    • In-house Practice Management system including AVImark
  • Primary Care and Medical Practices EHR

This is just a sample list. Please check with our representative to see if we include support for your specific software as well.

Orion Networks: Healthcare Tech Support & Support

Some of the highlights of our Tech Support for the Healthcare sector includes:

  • No Hassle Monthly Maintenance Plan with On-site service
  • Flex hour Ad-hoc requirement based plan
  • Secure network through software and hardware-based firewalls
  • Install and maintain VPN and mobile email access
  • Manage users and various access groups
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Server and Client data back-ups (onsite and/or offsite)

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