What Is A CMMC Gap Analysis?

Are you aware that as a company within the DoD contracting cyberspace, you need to comply with the new CMMC gap analysis guidelines? If so,  how ready are you for the CMMC assessment at the required level for your company? The only way to know this is by doing a CMMC gap analysis. But what is a CMMC gap analysis, and how is it beneficial to your company? Let’s explore the following CMMC overview.

Understanding CMMC Gap Analysis

CMMC stands for Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification. It is a security model established by the Department of Defense as a requirement for all its contractors and subcontractors when making requests for  highly classified information.

This new program by the DoD was finalized by January 2020 in an effort to curb increasing cybercrime and theft of sensitive defense and federal data. All DoD contractors and subcontractors must comply with the CMMC maturity levels specified in each contract. CMMC has five maturity levels within the model.

The first level is the basic adoption level which is equivalent to DFARS. Level two is progressive. Level three is the minimum required level for all DoD affiliated organizations that seek to possess Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

A gap analysis helps you determine the kind of adjustments your company needs to make to improve its information security practices in compliance with the required CMMC levels for your company.

Purpose of CMC Gap Analysis

The primary purpose of CMMC gap analysis is to help organizations measure their present level of conformance to NIST 800-171, which enables them to assess the effectiveness of their cybersecurity control. This further assists a company in determining if the business is compliant with CMMC or not.

For instance, your organization may be lagging in access control, such as having a weak or no multifactor authentication. Your firm may not have the proper resources or tools for safe data storage and backup control.

In addition, you may not have a practical incident report framework or good network segmentation. Other areas where your fine could fall short are the lack of advanced cybersecurity training for organizational leadership and insecure data storage techniques.

With a gap analysis, you will be able to stay on the right track with your CMMC compliance plan. Otherwise, you will not know which changes needed to be made to attain a CMMC assessment with a C3PAO.  Contrary to popular belief, the CMMC is not a DoD checklist.

Instead, it is a model for validating companies that have taken the necessary measures to protect their CUI as per the federal requirements for meeting obligations of each specific contract. And given the benefits of the assessment outcomes, it is not something you want to ignore.

Time It Takes To Complete a CMMC Gap Analysis

The time and effort needed to complete a CMMC gap analysis depend on several factors, such as your business environment, the required CMMC levels that your company should comply with, human and technical resources, availability of expert input, and your current security standing.

To give you a rough estimate of the time your organization might need, let’s take a look at this scenario:

Yours is a medium-size SMB company in one location with more than 200 employees. About 25% of them have the expertise to handle Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI); you must comply with level 3 CMMC. This should also put you closer to NIST 800-171 compliance. In such a scenario, your CMMC assessment will take between 2- 4 weeks.

Benefits of a CMMC Gap Analysis

A CMMC gap analysis enables you to understand which controls you need to adopt, expand or adjust to meet the required CMMC compliance level for your form. It also comes with valuable recommendations on the approaches to mitigate derailing issues in your business environment.

Possible benefits include:

  • Increased understanding of how close your fine is in fully complying with

NIST 800-171, which is the exact requirement as CMMC Level 3.

  • Determining if your current contract has a DFARS 7012 clause.  If it  does, then the  DoD may request that  you demonstrate your compliance with NIST 800-171
  • Assurance of timely CMMC compliance
  • Increased awareness of and familiarity with the assessment procedures and resources involved
  • Serves as proof to stakeholders and prospective clients that your firm will securely protect their sensitive days
  • DoD waivers could mean cost an adequate CMMC budget
  • Your company will be better placed to win lucrative contracts.

CMMC Gap Analysis Procedures

Different firms may conduct a CMMC gap analysis differently according to their set guidelines. However, here is a standard procedure for CMMC gap analysis:

  • Ensure a full audit and review of all existing policies, plans, documents, resources, etc.
  • Compare your current assessments, projects, implementations, tests, interviews, and security controls with those required for your CMMC levels
  • File a report on your current CMMC implement status, including where you fall short
  • Submit your findings and recommendation

Is a CMMC Gap Analysis Good For Your Company?

CMMC gap analysis plays a significant role in solid cybersecurity programs, the necessary CMMC resources, like risk assessment and  System Security Plan. If your security controls have not attained that specific level, you will find an implementation approach more beneficial as it further enables your company to establish a broader  CUI environment.

Accelerate Your CMMC Gap Analysis and Assessment With Orion Network Solutions

We understand that not everyone is well versed with CMMC or the assessment guidelines needed to attain complete compliance levels. That’s why Orion Network Solutions is committed to ensuring that you receive the necessary information and guidance throughout the whole assessment and compliance process.

Whether you need to comply with any of the five CMMC levels and need a starting point or are unsure of your current NITS 800-171 compliance status, you should seek professional guidance.

Additionally, if you lack sufficient resources to implement or prepare a CMMC assessment or if you need a little help with submitting your assessment scores to the SPRS, we could be able to help. Contact Orion Network Solutions and get professional help with all your CMMC compliance needs from our CMMC experts.

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