Wi-Fi may be practical for a small business, both for employees and customers. However, it needs to be secure to protect everyone’s best interests and privacy. If your business has wireless access points, you could be making it more vulnerable to wardriving. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi transmits data over the air, so anyone within the proximity of the network can easily try to access it. Wardriving is the method hackers use to drive around to look for unsecured networks using GPS devices and a Wi-Fi enabled laptop. Often times, hackers target small businesses with minimal security measures, and once they get in, they can easily steal data, hijack the network, steal identities, and use financial information.

The fact that most Wi-Fi routers have vulnerabilities and security flaws is another reason to keep wireless access points secure in a small business. Once an attacker gains control of the router, they can start doing anything from redirecting traffic to monitoring network traffic and blocking users. It is advisable to encrypt your wireless traffic to prevent hackers from seeing the data and passwords that go through it.

Secure wireless access points can help your business thrive and make your customers feel more confident about working with you. Part of establishing reliable WLAN security is knowing and implementing the best practices for it. Basic measures like defining access requirements, limitations in usage, data capping, assigning authorized access areas can already do wonders to securing your wireless access points, especially when customers have to use it.

You can improve your Wi-Fi service to guests by having a wireless repeater. This means using a wireless network device to repeat wireless signals to expand their range without being connected by cable to your modem or router or to your customers. Many access points can be configured under ‘repeater’ mode. By having a repeater, you do not have to worry about cables between that and the modem or router.


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