Microsoft released the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 in August 2016. It is currently the second biggest update since Windows 10 was launched. The update comes with a lot of new features, which were developed according to what customers want. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update automatically downloaded and installed in systems running on the operating system. It included significant changes that addressed performance issues, plus some key features that aim to make Windows 10 more efficient and secure for every user. Here are some of the changes and the features that you should know about it:

  • Bash shell – Microsoft worked with Unbuntu Linux developer, Canonical, to bring Bash shell to Windows 10 for developers. The technology is powerful and reliable when running Ubuntu’s Unity desktop and the graphical Linux software in Windows 10, although functions are still overall limited for now.
  • Activation troubleshooter – If you like building PCs, then this feature should appeal to you. Windows 10 now lets you link your operating system license to a Microsoft account instead of merely tying it to a certain hardware. This means you should be able to reactive your license easily without repeatedly calling Microsoft support when you upgrade your processor and motherboard. However, take note that there is an undisclosed statement on the number of times you can change your hardware using the same license.
  • Dark theme – Think Windows 10 is too bright? The new dark theme lets you choose a darker color to personalize your desktop. The option for dark theme–known as “dark mode” was previously hidden and could only be enabled with a registry hack. Now, it’s a simple toggle.
  • Virtual desktop pins – This feature lets you pin an application that is running or open to all virtual desktops. This can be practical if you want easier access to a certain program. To activate it, simply run Task View, right-click on a window to be pinned, and choose ‘show this window on all desktops’.
  • Improvements in Edge – Microsoft’s new browser finally has extension support, which you can access through the ellipsis menu at the upper right corner to find ‘Extensions’. Cortana pop ups can appear with coupon suggestions when you use the browser to shop online. Edge has followed Chrome’s ‘content not central to the webpage’, and an intelligent feature that automatically pauses website elements that could easily drain your tablet or laptop’s battery life.


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