Upgrading to Windows 10 is a sure way to continue getting updates from Microsoft that can protect your system from cyber attacks and threats. If you failed to get or opted not to get the Anniversary Update last year, you still have some time to do that and switch to that version before June 2017, as Microsoft announced dropping service support for Windows 10’s first version in May.  Hence, after May 2017, version 1507 of Windows 10 will no longer receive service, and only the most CBC (current branch for business) options will be serviced actively.

Windows 10 was initially designed for Surface Studio by Microsoft. Its first release was called, ‘Windows 10 version 1507’ and was made available in July 2015. Version 1607 is the Anniversary Update, which only became available August 2016 and currently the most updated version of the operating system. To date, it has been updated several times. By June 2017, computers running the first version will be at risk, as Microsoft will cease providing security updates for it. Microsoft has a policy where it will support only two of the major and most recent versions of Windows 10 at a given time. With the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10, it is speculated that they decided to drop support for the first version to give way to that.

Creators Update is slated for released in Fall 2017 and it will come with innovative features, which are aimed by Microsoft at empowering the creativity and productivity of users. The update will enable you to work easily across different devices. The new features include Timeline, which lets you go through files, sites, and apps from a time gone by quickly, and Cortana, which can help you resume working in a website, document, or application on any device. Cloud storage is another important feature, which helps save disk space.

If you are upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, there are many great features you can look forward to, such as the nifty taskbar, a Start menu where your installed apps, Microsoft Edge extensions and improvements, Cortana, Windows Ink, and Windows Hello.  It will come with Xbox Play Anywhere, Android notifications in the Action Center, and an enhanced Windows Defender, too.

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