Intellectual property is a wide-encompassing term that can refer to a person’s rights over patents, trademarks, copyright, designs, as well as trade secrets. Just like any property rights, intellectual property can be passed at will, mortgaged, or even licensed to other people, making them extremely valuable, particularly for businesses.

The digital age makes protecting intellectual property a lot trickier, especially since much of a modern business’ value is placed in the intangible rather than physical assets, meaning their systems, technologies, and processes. Just the same, protecting digital assets is crucial so as not to lose the value of these investments. Managed Tech Support Maryland can be instrumental in safeguarding your intellectual property in the digital world.

Good Maryland IT consulting can lead to better protection over your digital assets as IT support services Maryland providers are well versed in strategies and schemes to successful implement intellectual property protection. They can help you navigate through copyright protection for your digital assets, such as software code and similar resources. They can likewise walk you through trademarks, which can protect your value, identity, and branding in the age of open source communities.

In addition to copyright and trademark, intellectual property in the digital world also takes many other lesser known and understood forms, such as design registration, which can help protect digital design, particularly visually pleasing and appealing game characters, user interface, fonts, icons, or similar products that puts much value on attractive visuals and graphic design. Another important aspect of the digital intellectual property is data, hence the existence of database rights, which can be extremely useful in protecting your substantial investment in the gathering, verification, and presentation of the contents of your database. There are also patents for different kinds of technical concepts as well as product features and methodologies for the use, installation, and creation/design of digital products.

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