Small businesses need to install robust data security systems just as much as large enterprises, because when it comes to data breaches and hacking, everyone has an equal chance of facing very real and oftentimes, significant financial and legal risks. Hacking activities and data breaches targeting small and large companies alike have become so commonplace that consumers are resigned to the great probability that all their accounts are hacked. Millions of credit and debit card information, personal information records, and the like get stolen online, and no business is immune to these kinds of data breaches. While the spotlight is almost always on large businesses (case in point the great Target Breach in 2014), SMBs shouldn’t get the impression that they are more secure from attacks just because hackers are less likely to pursue smaller enterprises.

The fact of the matter is that small businesses are also increasingly becoming under fire for more reasons than the potential pay-off. In some cases, SMBs are used as access or entry points to target the larger organizations that they serve. While effects may be indirect, a huge data breach at the larger corporations they provide services to can also produce large knock-on effect on your operations.

Large and small businesses alike also face many legal risks without proper data protection. This is why you should act swiftly and wisely when implementing and even when selecting robust data protection that more than meets the industry standard. Preventing security breaches using robust solutions will help you avoid financial loss to both your company and your consumers while protecting all business data, personal information, back account data, and all other important pieces of information that your system holds from getting into the hands of hackers. All these are at risk when you don’t have the right security solution that is up to the task.

About the Author:

Mike Rana is the Chief Technology Advisor of Orion Network Solutions. Orion Network Solutions specializes in providing Computer Installation, Maintenance and Consulting services along with 24×7 help desk services for small and midsize companies. We provide network solutions that enable small businesses to not only lower their management cost but also increases employee productivity at the same low price. We offer network solution that becomes an integral part of your organization and can provide an increase in productivity of your organization.

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