Technology is dominating business environments. Most of the time, an organization’s competitive edge is determined by the technological sophistication of their existing systems and protocols. Even the smallest of operations require technology—if not to maintain their leading edge, to make sure that they are not getting left behind in the dust by their competitors. This is where a Chief Technology Officer becomes a major business requirement. A CTO performs a critical executive role inside an organization. He or she is responsible for understanding key business drivers and aligning technologies needed to meet all business goals and objectives. Sometimes, however, small businesses and organizations may not have the right resources to keep this key expertise in-house, hence the emergence of virtual CTOs, who serve as off-site IT managers tasked to solve the same issues as an in-house CTO and lend his or her expertise so that the organization can be guided to the best technological solutions that will maximize business efficiency.

A virtual CTO can be an invaluable part of any small business operation, ensuring the alignment of the organization’s IT strategies with the business’ overall objectives. At the rate that modern technology is advancing, it is vital for small business owners to consider a more robust IT strategy and one that constantly adapts with changing technologies and advancing trends. This ensures business sustainability, progress, and competitiveness in this day and age of fast paced tech advances.

With a virtual CTO, SMBs have an advantage of:

  • Maximum ROI in their IT investments and systems, while saving a great deal in overheads by outsourcing what is supposedly a full-time position.
  • Access to knowledge and expertise from a full team of specialists and experts rather than the advice of a single person.
  • Focusing on core business needs while IT experts get busy on the tech aspect of the business; and
  • Avoiding bad investments on the wrong technologies and ensuring IT systems that boost performance, save expenses, and put you ahead of your competitors.

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