Trends in business are highly dynamic, necessitating the need for better awareness prior to launch of start-ups. Organizations need to embrace new technology to increase productivity and to taste faster success. Knowledge of IT trends prior to starting any business is therefore a must. Here is a walk through some of trends that will help organizations on the journey to maturity and success.

The shift to mobile devices

Businesses need to consider mobiles as heavyweight contenders, especially in the case of B2C. The shift to mobile devices from traditional desktop and laptop devices has rendered it more important to offer AMP and other mobile friendly interfaces on the digital highway. Organizations that choose to stick to the old school thought of traditional marketing and promotion are bound to stay behind in the race to the top.

Social media – the new media

Small Business marketing techniques include email marketing, social media, search engine marketing, content marketing, online ads and videos, mobile ads etc. Traditional marketing has more or less been replaced by social media which has emerged as one of the most powerful influencers. Regardless of the size of the business, mobiles play a greater role in marketing. Social media should therefore be given top priority.

Cloud – the near exodus

The shift to the cloud is more or less inevitable. Redefining the paths of computing, the cloud offers greater efficiency in a more cost effective manner. Businesses need to look at cloud hosting for better optimization of services. Rather than trailing, it would make a lot of sense to harness the advantages that come with cloud computing and reap benefits.

The latest trend is to offer on-demand services to connect users directly with the manufacturers. Borrowing business plans of other organizations will never work. It is important to identify consumers need and to satisfy the demands. Mining of information through Big Data analysis and the use of social media platforms for reaching out to clients directly has paid rich dividends to organizations that have devoted considerable effort towards social media.

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