One of the greatest things about the modern times is that new technologies are realized faster. Technological advances nowadays are moving at lighting speeds. Spectacular innovations come one after the other, making it more and more difficult to predict the next big discovery. This said, some technologies are set to continue their dominance through the end of this year, spilling over 2018. Below are some of today’s most significant technological discoveries that will remain relevant in the coming year and are set up to create even more major changes in the way mankind lives, works, and functions:

Artificial Intelligence – AI is far from being new, but advances in the field are making big waves in the way the world works. Artificial Intelligence is continuously finding great use in areas like machine learning (via data analytics), and business intelligence, particularly in data mining in order to determine and predict patterns of user/consumer behavior. 

Chatbots – A spillover from the wide-ranging application of artificial intelligence, chatbots have been revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their consumers. These human-like, largely automated chat responders were once merely an experiment that saw very limited adoption in its early years. Today, chatbots are seeing mainstream adoption as people and business owners begin to see their utmost convenience and game changing benefits, particularly in the area of customer service.

Natural language processing – A Star Trek fan’s dream come true, natural language processing is now one of the newest form human to computer interface. Natural language processing allows managers to skip over the analytics specialist and directly work with a computer to generate data needed for a report via speech. This streamlines report generation according to the user’s preference.

Ever-expanding IoT – Like AI, IoT isn’t entirely a new trend, but experts believe that the coming year will be the biggest for the innovation as more businesses and developers are investing time and resources in its development.

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