The Elevate Mobile Application Keeps Your Business Connected

Modern businesses depend on reliable voice over internet protocol (VOIP) communications with their remote workers, suppliers and customers. Mobile access to VOIP features extends the functionality of the system for workers who are on the move. The Elevate Mobile Application from Orion Networks provides an essential communication and collaboration tool designed to keep your business connected anywhere, anytime.

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The Elevate Mobile Application is Easy to Install and Use

Orion Networks’ mobile app is easily downloaded from Google Play for Android or the App Store for Apple IoS devices. Once installed, you can log into the app using your email address and password. They will be able to extend your business phone number and extension to your mobile phone so you can place and receive calls on the go. You can also seamlessly transfer calls from your desktop phone to your mobile device.

Mobile Chat Features Expand the Functionality of the Elevate Mobile App

Chat and group discussions are often challenging to manage from a mobile device. The Elevate mobile app eliminates the challenges you face while traveling or working remotely. You can initiate individual or group chats with anyone in your directory at a moment’s notice. Send text messages, view co-worker availability, chat, view history and place direct calls, all with the push of a few buttons. To stay connected, the Elevate mobile app synchronizes conversations across all of your devices, saving you time and frustration.

Mobile Voicemail Features

Keeping track of voicemails while working remotely can be tricky. It’s difficult to listen to messages while taking other calls and sending texts. The Elevate mobile application allows you to access voicemail anytime, from any location with any device. Playback messages, forward them to other devices and listen at any time.

Synchronize Your Contacts

Managing large sets of business contacts is a challenge with any communications system. Trying to deal with contacts in multiple email accounts is nearly impossible. The Elevate mobile application synchronizes all of your email accounts in one central system. Connect your GSuite, Outlook and webmail accounts all in one place, saving you time when you need it most.

Get the Elevate Mobile Application for Free

The Elevate mobile application consolidates your communication system in the palm of your hand. Conduct phone calls, group chats, send texts and synchronize your email accounts in one place. Best of all, the app is free to download for your Android device from Google Play or for your Apple device from the App Store.

Expert VOIP and Tech Support for the Greater Washington, DC area

Your IT system is the heart of your growing business. That’s why you need an experienced and skilled Tech Support partner to keep your systems safe and operating on a 24/7/365 basis. Businesses in the greater Washington, DC area depend on Orion Networks to manage their communications and IT networks. As a trusted partner, Orion Networks removes the stress and complexity out of managing your network for remote workforces. To learn more, visit the Orion Networks website or call us at 1-800-311-5788 today.

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