Microsoft SharePoint 2016 may not be a groundbreaking release, but has certain features that are building it up as one of the most reliable platforms for collaboration. The latest version has certain benefits that make it practical for many organizations. Here’s how SharePoint 2016 is establishing the standards for collaboration:

  • Simpler patching – If you have used the older versions of SharePoint, you might have found the patching process inconvenient and time-consuming, since it puts your entire system down for many hours just to apply the new patch. Missing out on patches can put your system at risk, since they are bug fixes and solutions to eliminate security risks. Patches for the latest version are easier and quicker, without requiring any system downtime.
  • Scalable – SharePoint 2016 can be scaled to the needs of your organization without sacrificing certain features and its performance. The new version has increased the maximum number of items for indexing, the file size, and the list threshold, so you can manage and store more data in your system. Hence, your organization can continue to grow, and collaboration platform will grow with it.
  • Better links – In the previous versions, moving documents to another location can break links. SharePoint 2016 automatically updates links, so you do not have to waste time searching for broken links and fixing them.
  • Faster – Anyone can share and collaborate faster on SharePoint 2016. The search function is quicker and more reliable, and there are new ways to create site collections and sites.
  • Go on-premise or in the cloud – SharePoint can now handle hybrid environments. This means it can mix cloud content and on-premise data. There is a hybrid search function that lets you look up content on-premise and on the cloud. Even if you store documents in separate platforms, they will appear once in the search results, so it is easier to find what you are looking for.

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