The cloud computing and SaaS market can only be expected to grow in the coming years. With more and more businesses becoming reliant on cloud-based, software as a service solution, there are also much higher client expectations when it comes to cloud computing performance and competence, especially since it is being increasingly projected that IT enterprises are likely to become completely cloud-based by the year 2020. Curious about current developments and upcoming updates in the field of SaaS and cloud computing, below are some trends you should watch out for in the coming years:

  • Greater focus on vertical-specific cloud-based applications – In the past, the SaaS industry mainly focused on broad business functions like HR management, CRM, accounting, and sales, resulting in generalized enterprise software and tolls that don’t necessarily fit specific needs of clients. There is an increasing number of industry and business-specific applications that address the unique requirements of clients within a specific niche.
  • Increasing interest in hybrid cloud solutions – Businesses are also increasingly opting for hybrid solutions, which help increase IT efficiency and flexibility. This allows for businesses to better meet their disparate needs while gradually transforming and enhancing their computing abilities.
  • Quantum computing as the next best thing in SaaS – The rising star of the cloud computing world, quantum computing is beginning to make its way into the mainstream market. This means easier access to higher functionalities and capabilities which were only previously available to tech giants, ranging from seamless data encryption to improvised AI predictions and other complex computing capabilities. This kind of quantum supremacy can mean many great benefits and advantages to users as supercomputers become more available to them.
  • Less security concerns – Security threats always follow technological advancements, but industry regulations, along with new systems that help combat security risks are increasingly being implemented, used, and developed to reduce concerns surrounding SaaS and cloud computing security.

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