Information technology is a necessity in business, without which you risk getting left behind by your tech-savvy industry rivals. Because today’s business world is run by technology, it is critical for companies big and small to find reliable IT support services that will help them maintain a competitive edge in the industry. The thing about managed Tech Support and MSPs is that they usually look the same from the outside and the best you can do upon signing your contract is hope that they are true to their word and all the good things they promise. Just the same it pays being vigilant about the following red flags that should signal a time to reconsider your IT support service provider:

  • Frequent downtime and unplanned outages – Outages and downtime in your IT system can mean a significant loss for the business. If you are experiencing frequent and unplanned downtime and outages due to the shortcomings of your MSP, it is high time to consider a switch to a better and more reliable support service.
  • Poor data recovery after incidents – You want a reliable and consistent backup and restoration service to ensure that data recovery can be as easy and smooth as possible should incidents occur. If your IT support provider cannot offer a justifiable, rock-solid explanation for not being able to provide you safe and efficient data recovery, even after a minor incident, immediate termination of your contract is in order.
  • They don’t innovate – Technology is ever evolving, and so should your IT system. If your MSP isn’t introducing new products and technologies into your tech mix, you risk stagnating and getting left in the dust by your industry rivals whose MSPs are always on the cutting edge of technology and provide them access to all the latest innovations in the industry.

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