Must-Have IT Support and Resources for Nonprofits

As a dedicated leader of a non-profit organization, you’re focused on making a positive difference in your community through ongoing efforts, contributions, and initiatives. However, when was the last time that you evaluated the efficiency of your IT support and services? With Orion Networks’ fantastic team of IT experts behind you, you can streamline your team’s day-to-day operations and finally enjoy the advanced, tailor-made technology support that you deserve. Take a look at the following resources that Orion Networks proudly provides to benefit non-profit organizations like yours.

Free for Non-profits Only – COVID-19 Productivity Power Kit

At Orion Networks, we understand that your non-profit organization has faced numerous hurdles throughout the pandemic that have threatened to slow your progress and make it more challenging to achieve your goals. That’s why, for a limited time, we are pleased to offer a wide range of free resources to all non-profits, including but not limited to remote working licenses, email hosting, MS Office licenses, security newsletter, SPAM Manual, and much more.

Transition to Cloud VoIP Services

If your non-profit is still operating with traditional, old-school telephony, it’s officially time to switch to Cloud Hosted VoIP services (Voice over Internet Protocol). A Cloud-hosted VOIP gives unparalleled flexibility to keep your operations smooth, and your team is working whether at the home, office, or on the road.  Orion can help your organization transition from spotty service to reliable, Internet-based telephony that won’t leave your team high and dry. Not only do cloud-based phone services offer your non-profit increased flexibility, but they will also effectively reduce your expenses and generally enhance your communication capabilities.

Safeguard Important Data With Cloud Backups

Data is your organization’s life, and it has gotten even more critical with everyone working remotely. Orion experts are proud to offer a 1TB Cloud Backup at a highly discounted price for non-profit groups. Taking steps to backup your information will give you an additional data protection level and limit your exposure to malware threats like ransomware and phishing attempts. Our knowledgeable professionals will even take the time to develop a disaster recovery plan so that you know exactly what to do in a compromised situation.

Free Vulnerability Assessment

During a time when cybercrime is more prevalent than ever before, non-profit organizations like yours must take preventative measures against cyberattacks before hackers can access your private information. By partnering with Orion Networks, non-profits can receive a $300-value vulnerability scan for free to determine an organization’s weaknesses. You’ll receive a risk score, issue score, and exclusive IT consultation to evaluate and combat any current vulnerabilities that your non-profit organization is experiencing.

Partner With Orion’s IT Experts to Boost Your Non-Profit

With these well-rounded Tech Support and more, Orion Networks is here to help your non-profit make the difference you want to see in the world. By incorporating our superb Tech Support, VoIP, cloud backups, and vulnerability scans into your organization’s day-to-day operations, you are sure to see a night and day difference in your operations and rapid progress towards your various goals.

For more information about how your non-profit organization can benefit from Orion Networks’ expert guidance, connect with our team by calling 1 703-891-9535 or filling out our quick contact form today.

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