With smartphones, tablets, and laptops enabling anyone to work from just about anywhere, the need for mobile security is no doubt growing. Cloud solutions continue to help many individuals work and access their files remotely, too. However, despite the convenience of technology, data can still be at risk—especially with mobile devices. Reliable mobile security is absolutely essential to protect your privacy, your devices, and your files from cyber attacks, malware, and hackers.

Mobile security will not merely protect you from external threats. It can protect you from internal threats, too, such as data loss due to accidental deletion or unauthorized access to certain types of files. This can be crucial if your business practices BYOD (bring your own device) and allows employees to work remotely or from their homes. All crucial information and data (as well as identities) can be protected and will not be used to harm other services within the organization.

Basic forms of mobile security include antivirus solutions and policies. Some of these are cost-effective and reliable services that can help secure a small business. There are a number of low-cost mobile security solutions for small businesses that are looking for reasonably priced and reliable security tools. With these solutions, you get a free antivirus, paid and free SSL certificates, mobile device management, free internet security, security for POS systems, and firewall protection. StaySafeOnline.Org is a good source for resources and tools designed to help small business owners who want to protect their customers, employees, and business from data loss, cyber attacks, and other threats.

Having a BYOD policy is part of good mobile security measures, too. That way, all devices used in the business can be managed more efficiently. When creating a BYOD policy, be sure to highlight crucial factors like terms of acceptable use, security and password protection, the types of devices that are allowed, disclaimers, liabilities, and risks.

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Mike Rana is the Chief Technology Advisor of Orion Network Solutions. Orion Network Solutions specializes in providing Computer Installation, Maintenance, and Consulting services along with 24×7 help desk services for small and midsize companies. We provide network solutions that enable small businesses to not only lower their management cost but also increases employee productivity at the same low price. We offer network solution that becomes an integral part of your organization and can provide an increase in productivity of your organization.

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