Survey reports from the study “Top Challenges for CIOs in a Software-Drive, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud World” for Dynatrace reveal that IT departments today are spending over $3.3 million a year to deal with performance issues and related problems. The same study brings to light a growing concern and need for more effective business IT support Maryland in today’s difficult and costly to manage, hybrid, software-driven, multi-cloud IT architecture. The global survey, which included some 800 CIOs from across the world suggests a 34% increase in IT spending with regards to IT performance issues from the previous year’s (2018’s) meager $2.5 million average overhead costs.

According to the study, IT teams spend at least a third of their time just dealing with technical issues and digital performance problems—a challenge that is increasingly becoming significant in the modern IT environment as technology becomes more complex. As a result, the vast majority of the surveyed CIOs are expecting to enforce and deploy new tech stacks in the near future ranging from microservices and containers to serverless computing, IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS, as well as private cloud solutions within the year ahead.

With today’s tech infrastructure and IT architecture becoming more complex and interconnected, CIOs are also expressing concern with regards to the way that these tech advancements will impact IT and ultimately, business performance. At least 74% of the surveyed CIOs believe that IT performance could become more difficult to manage efficiently, hence the pressing need for dedicated managed Tech Support in Maryland.

According to Gartner VP and expert analyst Elias Khnaser, modern IT departments are in need of programmable, modular, API-driven, and highly intelligent platforms and network infrastructure to be able to cope with the rising demand for high-performing IT networks. This kind of approach will enable the automation of different aspects of IT system and infrastructure management.

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