Having a customer relationship management solution can help a business organize and easily streamline processes and functions related to developing, retaining, and improving customer relationships. Microsoft offers some of the leading CRM solutions that are flexible and customizable for every business. Some leading examples are Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. Developers of Microsoft CRM solutions should be able to provide a unique platform that can help businesses fulfill their objectives for implementing a customer relationship management solution. Here are some tips for a developer to enable proper Microsoft CRM programming:

  • Consult with the business – Developers must take time to understand the unique requirements of the business. That way, they can develop a bespoke solution that should work for their customer. For instance, Dynamics 365 can be programmed and developed to run on-premise and online.
  • Know the programmability features of Microsoft CRM – By identifying a customer’s requirements, developers should be able to use the right programming models that will enable them to customize the right solution for every situation. For instance, when developers write their customers to access the data in Dynamics 365, they have the option to use the organization service or the Web API. The latter offers a development experience that is useful across programming languages, devices, and platforms. It implements open data protocol (Odata), too, which is the standard for consuming and building RESTfulAPIs over any rich data source. Microsoft provides a list of community-supported libraries for OData. Otherwise, developers can code directly using HTTP.

    .NET developers may Web API or the organization service, which enables them to use the set of tools and assemblies to create strongly typed classes with attributes and custom entities added to Dynamics 365. SDK tools and assemblies for code generation can work with OrganizationServiceContext, which is designed according to the same concept as WFC data services to enable developers to track changes and manage relationships and identities.

  • Consult with experts – Consulting services can give developers a competitive edge and keep them ahead of their competition when they are updated with the latest developments and knowledge.
  • Use special tools – AddressTwo and Infusionsoft are CRM software tools that can leverage the existing CRM platforms of a business.

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