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In the modern business ecosystem, robust IT infrastructure is no longer just an asset – it’s a critical ingredient in the recipe for success. The rapidly evolving technology landscape necessitates a proficient IT partner capable of navigating the intricate digital maze. In this comprehensive case study, we explore how Orion Networks, a premier managed IT service provider, has been a catalyst in enhancing the operational efficiency of Lewis Burke Associates LLC.

Based in Washington, DC, Lewis Burke Associates LLC is a renowned government consulting firm under constant scrutiny from the US Senate. Given the firm’s frequent audits and multifaceted compliance obligations associated with its government roles, a high-performance information system is not a luxury but a necessity. To compound matters, regular client interactions demand that their systems function optimally. Orion Networks, through its broad-spectrum, managed Tech Support, bridges these gaps.

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The Advent of a Seamless Collaboration

The responsibility of steering Lewis Burke Associates’ day-to-day operations, an intricate interplay of technology, human resources, and client hospitality, falls on Hunter Gronlund, the Executive Operations Officer. Hunter was concerned about the burden of IT management taking away from other essential tasks.

Orion Networks’ managed Tech Support was a perfect solution to help Hunter through this. Far from being just an external service, Orion Networks became an integral part of the Lewis Burke Associates’ operational framework. Hunter’s burden was significantly alleviated by shifting IT management responsibilities onto Orion Networks’ experienced team.

Orion Networks: The Architects of Solid Relationships and Solutions

Hunter’s vision involved more than just a vendor-client relationship; he sought to create a synergistic partnership that echoed throughout the firm. Orion Networks translated this vision into reality, illustrating their deep understanding of the importance of Lewis Burke Associates’ information systems operating flawlessly.

“I don’t want to be the single point of failure”

Hunter Gronlund

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When faced with an issue as delicate as the firm’s president having laptop problems, Orion Networks proved their commitment to swift action. They had a representative onsite within an hour, leaving no room for operational hiccups and reinforcing their dedication to urgency.

The Orion Networks’ Proposition: A Team-Centric Strategy

Orion Networks offers a team-centric approach, a welcome departure from Lewis Burke Associates’ experiences with other IT companies, typically involving interactions with one or two individuals. Having an entire team dedicated to resolving their daily technology challenges was a significant benefit, which Hunter and his team truly appreciated.

A team-centric strategy doesn’t only aid problem-solving. It also fosters transparency and improves communication, both critical elements in creating an environment conducive to innovation. Knowing from the outset who they would be working with at Orion Networks established a sense of trust and a shared vision for success.

“The team approach is what I appreciated”

“Every time I met with Orion Networks, it was 3 or 4 people. This was our team. I was establishing rapport with the group I would be working with versus just a sales guy, and our tech would be assigned later. This was a huge deal for me. It comes back to customer support. The team approach is what I appreciated.”

Hunter Gronlund

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Evaluating the Fruitful Partnership

The relationship between Lewis Burke Associates and Orion Networks transcends the conventional client-service provider paradigm. It is a strategic alliance that combines expertise, skillsets, and a shared vision of success. Their collaboration showcases how a well-equipped team like Orion Networks, committed to delivering superior managed Tech Support, can transform businesses.

Orion Networks’ centralized vendor management process significantly boosted Lewis Burke Associates’ productivity. By assuming the reins of diverse vendor management tasks, Orion Networks granted the firm the space to focus on core business activities, secure in the knowledge that their IT affairs were being handled professionally.

Quantifying Success: The Impact of the Partnership

Further emphasizing the impact of this strategic partnership are concrete metrics showcasing the enhanced operational efficiency at Lewis Burke Associates. After Orion Networks took charge, there was a noticeable 35% improvement in system uptime and a corresponding 40% decrease in downtime. These figures prove the positive implications of Orion Networks’ intervention.

Key Highlights of the Success Narrative

Several critical components underpin the success of this strategic partnership:

  • Personalized Issue Handling: Orion Networks extends beyond merely addressing technical glitches. They invest time in understanding their client’s unique needs and operational dynamics, enabling them to devise and implement custom solutions.
  • Centralized Vendor Management: Orion Networks manages a range of vendors, affording Lewis Burke Associates the bandwidth to concentrate on their primary business functions.
  • Prioritizing Urgent Matters: Orion Networks addresses time-sensitive issues efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations.
  • Team-Centric Approach: The transparency and open communication encouraged by this strategy create a fertile environment for problem-solving and innovation.

Orchestrating Technological Excellence: Orion Networks’ Endeavors

Embarking on this partnership a little over a year ago, Orion Networks has guided Lewis Burke Associates’ complete information technology framework. As more than a managed IT service provider, Orion Networks has extended its expertise to encompass budgeting and asset management, further fortifying Lewis Burke Associates’ technical infrastructure.

In asset management, the focus has been on ensuring optimal resource utilization and operational efficiency. Each technological asset, from individual workstations to complex server systems, has been meticulously overseen by Orion Networks. This comprehensive asset management approach has allowed for precise budget allocation, contributing to Lewis Burke Associates’ fiscal health.

As part of their roadmap to elevate Lewis Burke Associates’ technical prowess, Orion Networks has chalked out plans for a significant switch upgrade. The aim is to provide a future-proof, scalable solution that bolsters the firm’s network performance and reliability. This upgrade will be a cornerstone in Lewis Burke Associates’ digital strategy, keeping them ahead of their competition and on par with technological advancements.

Furthermore, Orion Networks has also been instrumental in an extensive office expansion undertaken by Lewis Burke Associates. This project included comprehensive cabling and setting up state-of-the-art conference rooms. Orion Networks’ team meticulously planned and executed the cabling infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity across the expanded premises. The conference rooms, equipped with advanced technology, have been designed to facilitate productive meetings and foster collaborative work culture.

By adopting a holistic approach to managing Lewis Burke Associates’ IT needs, Orion Networks underscores its commitment to delivering end-to-end solutions that align with the firm’s strategic goals.

Enabling Technological Prowess: Orion Networks’ Key Solutions

To truly grasp the transformative impact that Orion Networks has had on the operations of Lewis Burke Associates, it’s essential to delve into the technology solutions and tools that underpin their managed Tech Support. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, Orion Networks has established a robust and resilient IT infrastructure for Lewis Burke Associates.

Orion Networks’ approach to technology is rooted in its commitment to scalability and efficiency. This philosophy has driven the implementation of advanced virtualization technologies that have enhanced the firm’s operational agility. Virtualization has reduced the physical IT infrastructure requirements and offered unprecedented flexibility, facilitating rapid adaptations to fluctuating workloads and operational demands.

For cybersecurity, Orion Networks deployed an integrated, multi-layered approach. Leveraging state-of-the-art firewall and intrusion prevention systems, advanced endpoint protection, and regular system audits, Orion Networks has fortified Lewis Burke Associates against potential cyber threats. This robust security infrastructure has been pivotal in safeguarding the firm’s valuable data, thus, preserving the integrity and confidentiality required in their work.

Furthermore, Orion Networks has revolutionized the firm’s communication systems by implementing a comprehensive, unified communications platform. Integrating various communication channels such as voice, video, and text into a cohesive system has enhanced the firm’s internal and external communication, promoting collaboration and boosting productivity.

Orion Networks also utilizes advanced network monitoring tools that provide real-time insights into the health of the network infrastructure. These tools enabled proactive identification and resolution of potential network issues, significantly reducing downtime and improving uptime. The firm’s network performance markedly improved, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

In essence, the seamless marriage of technology and business strategy enabled by Orion Networks has been instrumental in enhancing the operational efficiency of Lewis Burke Associates. This meticulous integration of technology solutions has also formed the foundation for the firm’s future growth and success, ensuring they stay ahead of the technological curve.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Orion Networks has emerged as an invaluable partner for Lewis Burke Associates LLC, delivering comprehensive managed Tech Support with unmatched precision and professionalism. Their approach of personalized issue handling, centralized vendor management, swift response to pressing matters, and a team-based strategy cements their reputation as a top-tier IT service provider.

This case study exemplifies the crucial role of resilient IT infrastructure in any business strategy and the merits of partnering with a provider that aligns with your business’s distinct needs.

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