Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday for October delivered 10 critical updates to Windows 8 and 7 systems, with five rated ‘critical’, four rated ‘important’, and an update with a ‘moderate’ or lower security rating. The way those updates were delivered were different, too, in the sense that Microsoft followed the cumulative update model used in Windows 10 for all the currently supported Windows platforms and their respective versions. Before this latest update, Microsoft used to have a granular approach with individual patches and updates. Now, security is bundled with system component (.NET) and browser components as aggregate patches.

The October updates included multiple ‘Patch Now’ updates for Edge, Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash Player, and a minimum component of Microsoft Office, all of which will require you to restart your system after completion. MS16-118 is one of the critical updates aimed at Internet Explorer to resolve 11 vulnerabilities in its security related to scripting engine issues and memory corruption, both of which could make the browser vulnerable to remote code execution. At least one issue related to memory has already been exploited in the past months and was reported to Microsoft, resulting in this ‘Patch Now’ update.

MS16-119 is another critical update that will resolve 17 memory, scripting, and name space handling problems in Microsoft Edge. It comes with a fix that is aimed as a remedy for a recently detected exploit. MS16-127 addressed 12 security ‘priority one’ vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player. If left unpatched, hackers could remotely execute a code. The update is not directly linked with the Edge and IE updates. Instead, it affects only the platforms running on Windows 8.

Apart from Microsoft, Oracle rolled out a critical patch update, which consisted of patches addressing multiple security vulnerabilities. Oracle keeps receiving reports of various attempts to exploit vulnerabilities maliciously, so applying the update is crucial to keep your system safe. October 2016’s critical patch update covers 253 new security fixes for various products, including Oracle Database Server, Application Express, Enterprise Manager, and PeopleSoft Enterprise.


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