​Keeping Small & Medium Sized Businesses Safe From Cyber Threats

Key Points:

  • Are you positive your business is protected against cyber threats?
  • The best steps to stay safe from cyber threats.
  • Does your business need to leverage the cloud?
  • Is it easier to hack my network or the cloud?
  • If your IT team keeps missing the mark, get a second opinion.

You’ve taken every step to protect your business. Based on the advice from other business owners, you’re positive you’re fully protected. If so, may we ask, are you sure you’re protected against cyber threats?

The best advice about cybersecurity and the threats posed to small and medium-sized businesses often leaves out key points. Ashu Bhoot, Co-founder and CEO of Orion Network Solutions, met with MJ Wolfe to discuss these threats and what companies can do to stay safe.

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The Best Steps To Stay Safe From Cyber Threats

As much as we all want a foolproof way to be 100% safe from cyber threats, the truth is, there isn’t one. For a small or medium size business, you can reduce the probability by getting help and following these simple steps to boost your protection.

Update Your Computer Servers

Every application, storage, and operating system provides and releases security updates. Some releases are patches, drivers, or a necessary system update because a vulnerability was uncovered. When the update becomes available, go ahead and initiate the update.

Have Antivirus and Malware Protection

Your company’s frontline defense against cyber threats and attacks is antivirus and malware protection. Using both applications, your cost of protection to your business computers is small, and the strength puts a strong wall of protection around your network.

Invest In Cyber Insurance

Things do go wrong the longer you’ve been in business. Therefore, you must always plan for the unexpected when updating and planning any move, especially into the cloud. Cyber insurance allows you to reduce your liability regarding compromised client data.

Does Your Business Need To Leverage The Cloud?

As cloud storage popularity grows, there are often misconceptions about how to use it, if a business truly needs it, and cyber protection. Before moving to the cloud, you must determine if you genuinely need to get involved and, if so, what portion of your company needs it most.

You must realize your company has business workflows set up, and any interruption could negatively affect staff productivity. Then there are your current applications employees use. These areas need careful planning for a smooth transition to the cloud.

Finally, decide which cloud platform best fits your business model and keeps your files safe from cyber attacks. For some companies, it’s Microsoft Azure, and for others, it’s Amazon’s AWS platform. Whichever you choose, ensure that any application and data kept in-house or on-premise gets encrypted before backing it up in the cloud.

Is It Easier To Hack My Network or The Cloud?

When you’re trying to decide which is harder to hack into, your network or the cloud, the quick answer is it depends. Whether your business files and data are stored in-house or in the cloud, a breach is imminent if security gets poorly configured.

However, the greater risk comes when a company laptop or tablet connects to public WiFi. In this instance, the security level remains unknown. Any exposure to ransomware on that device will quickly and easily spread across your network, exposing all connected devices.

Since there’s no foolproof way to be 100% safe from cyber threats, more robust security measures should be added. With more staff working from home and accessing the cloud, proactively implementing cyber security processes keeps your business safe.

Start With A Free Analysis Of Your Business Technology

Keeping your small or medium-sized business safe from cyber threats is challenging. If your current provider or in-house IT team keeps missing the mark and you’ve had too many close calls, it’s time for a second opinion.

Orion Network Solutions starts the conversation with a free analysis of your technology and current setup. That lets you test us out first, with no formal commitment. Our assessment will reveal the areas that are running smoothly and those needing improvement.

If you want to understand where the weaknesses are in your network entirely, our report will hold nothing back. To start the conversation, contact us or call Toll Free at 703-891-9535.

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