Kaseya Ransomware Attack Infects Users In Washington, DC

If your Washington, DC IT company uses Kaseya’s VSA platform, you could be at risk of permanent data loss and expensive downtime. That’s why you need to get in touch with them right now and find out.

WARNING: Are You Infected With Ransomware Right Now? Find Out If Your Washington, DC IT Company Uses Kaseya VSA

You need to determine whether your Washington, DC IT company uses Kaseya’s VSA platform right away — if they do, your business could be infected with ransomware.

This past weekend, a ransomware attack on Kaseya’s remote monitoring VSA platform infected hundreds of businesses.

If your business or your IT company uses Kaseya, you might be one of them — that’s why you need to act fast and find out right now. Every second matters when your business is at risk.

Please note: Orion Networks clients are not affected by this ransomware attack. We do not use Kaseya products of any kind, and so, our client base is unaffected.

Why Would Your Washington, DC IT Company Use Kaseya?

Kaseya VSA is a cloud-based management and monitoring solution that is used by many MSPs to remotely monitor and maintain their clients’ IT environments. It’s a tool that allows them to carry out a range of key support tasks without having to visit onsite.

If your Washington, DC IT company or MSP uses Kaseya, then your data has almost certainly been affected by this ransomware infection. Businesses that use Kaseya need to act fast to mitigate the consequences of this attack.

How Did Cybercriminals Infect Kaseya Users With Ransomware?

Notorious cybercrime group REvil managed to exploit a flaw in Kaseya’s software and infect dozens of MSPs and hundreds of end-user businesses with ransomware. As a result of the infection, REvil was able to:

  • Remotely breach workstations and servers
  • Steal confidential and sensitive information
  • Install malware
  • Add new accounts
  • Delete valuable  data
  • Remove administrative access for key users
  • Hold businesses hostage

Worried You’re Infected? Here’s What To Do

If your business or your Washington, DC IT company uses Kaseya, you need to act fast. There are a few actions you can take that will potentially limit the damage:

  • Disconnect any devices and systems that are still connected to Kaseya VSA
  • Check your backups
  • Secure your networks using an IDS/IPS application tool
  • Implement a Next-Generation Endpoint Detection and Response Solution like SentinelOne
  • Follow Kaseya’s recommendations including searching any Indicators of Compromise(IoCs)

If you have been affected by this attack and need expert assistance, get in touch with the Orion Networks team right away.

Act Fast To Limit Damage And Prevent Future Disasters

If reading about ransomware attacks like this one makes you wonder if your business is vulnerable to security breaches and cybercriminal attacks, don’t wait until you are attacked to come up with a plan.

When you’re not sure if you have the skills or knowledge to get the job done, what can you do? Consult with cybersecurity professionals like those on the Orion Networks team.

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