According to the UNS (Unknown Network Survey) conducted in the US, UK, Germany, and France, less than half or 48% of IT professionals are fully confident in knowing when security breaches happened, which means more are taking place and going undetected without their knowledge. This puts businesses and organizations at a great risk of vulnerability to impending and ongoing breaches. IT security threats are always going to be a challenge for IT teams to overcome and with attacks becoming ever more sophisticated, there is a loud call for more robust solutions in all corners of the industry.

Fortunately, businesses are not helpless when it comes to IT security. Despite the increasing sophistication and extent of security threats in the tech and digital world, professionals are hard at work in minimizing their effects and helping clients avoid them altogether. Turning to managed Tech Support to seek assistance in reinforcing your security against today’s increasingly complex security risks and attacks to IT system welfare is the best way to strengthen your defense and keep your business safe from costly damages caused by different kinds of data breaches and network security risks.

What’s even more alarming about modern security threats is that majority of businesses, including their in-house IT teams know little about the evolving nature of security breaches that threaten or are happening within their systems.  Many businesses admit that some security breaches go unnoticed before the damage is done and sometimes even remain unnoticed, wreaking even greater havoc in their IT system. This is why it is critical for businesses and organizations to re-think their security systems and focus on more robust ways to keep these threats out. Cyber and IT security nowadays should be about so much more than keeping attackers out. It must include stronger security systems and on-going education about different network security risks that threaten the business.

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