Real-Life Cybersecurity Horror Stories Experienced By Small Business Owners

Does the threat of a cyberattack frighten you? If your answer was “Yes”, it is understandable. There are good reasons for being frightening by a cyber threat. After all, cybercrime can account for billions of dollars in losses, and it can cause confusion and frustration within a business or organization.

Cybersecurity and IT Experts Discuss The Cybersecurity Aspects of President Biden’s Speech

Cybersecurity and IT experts have been reflecting on Biden’s recent news conference and addressing concerns about whether real progress will be made after a rising increase in high-profile ransomware attacks. For the majority, the conclusion is: It is too early to tell.

77 Leaders in the Tech Industry Share Their #MyStartInTech Stories

According to TechRepublic (2020), there are over 557,000 tech businesses in the US, and over 13,400 tech startups were launched in 2019 alone. The economic impact of the tech industry is valued at over $1.9 billion.

The Biggest Mistake Companies Make in Determining Cybersecurity Insurance Amount

The MSP trends expected to shape 2021 reflect the interweaving between maturing technologies and emerging developments. As a result, managed service providers can expect to see a continuation of the patterns that shaped 2020, such as the continuing evolution of cloud computing.

How Businesses Can Leverage Technology to Grow In Today’s Hi-Tech World

In today’s high-tech world, any business looking to grow and leapfrog its competitors must embrace and adopt modern technology.

How Can Small Businesses Effectively Outsource Their IT Management?

IT outsourcing has become quite popular in recent years, and for good reasons. If your business is spending too many resources on managing your network, updating software, maintaining printers, or ensuring that your cybersecurity software is doing its job.