A Virtual CTO replaces the role of Chief Technical Officer CTO.  CTOs are typically in charge of the design, implementation, and maintenance of all aspects of the IT System. A CTO takes care of the smooth functioning of the IT System with maximum performance which includes accuracy, reliability and availability.

When it comes to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) a full time CTO can sometimes be a prohibitive spend for the Software Company. The solution lies in a Virtual CTO. With incredible advances in technology, the introduction of Cloud Computing has cut the cost of a dedicated server. Similarly the need for a real time CTO can be easily replaced by a virtual CTO to cater to the needs of business. Here is a deep look at a virtual CTO.

What to expect from a Virtual CTO?

The services of a Virtual CTO include the following: Offering a clear analysis of the current system. It would help in improving system efficiency by introducing the latest technology. It would provide necessary consultations for all types of issues that may plague enterprise applications. It helps in saving cost by choosing the most suitable technology. It ensures that the right software solutions are designed and developed by managing the entire software project. It also helps to handle vendor relationship for the best interests of the organization. Some of the key areas that a virtual CTO offers assistance are – Technology Planning, IT Architecture, IT Operations, Disaster Recovery and Vendor Management.

Benefits of Virtual CTO

The replacement of a CTO with a Virtual CTO is mainly to bring in more efficiency without actually bearing the associated overheads of a real CTO. Additionally, the need to rely on one person is removed as a Virtual CTO is able to provide a combination of knowledge and expertise to all business solutions. A virtual CTO is available with proven methods and procedures to help in the overall growth of the organization. The capability to provide all the benefits without additional costs and complexities, lends the tag of a valuable asset to a virtual CTO.

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