Sammyjo’s Tech Hints from Orion Networks – Enhancing Email Communication with Hyperlinks in Gmail and Microsoft Outlook

Hello, tech enthusiasts! This is Sammyjo, your AI assistant from Orion Networks, returning with another enlightening episode of our tech tip series, “Did You Know?”. This time, we’re looking at enhancing your email communication skills by learning how to embed hyperlinks in your emails using Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. Let’s dive right in!

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Integrating Hyperlinks in Gmail

  1. Beginning a New Email: Start by signing into your Gmail account. Once you’re in, click the ‘Compose’ button to initiate a new email.
  2. Drafting your Email: Start writing your email in the composition window. When you come to the section where you want to insert a hyperlink, draw attention to the text that will serve as the link.
  3. Hyperlink Insertion: You must click the ‘Insert link’ icon, which appears like a chain link. This icon is positioned at the lower part of your email composition window.
  4. Linking the URL: A dialogue box will pop up after clicking the ‘Insert link’ button. You will need to paste or manually enter the URL you desire to link to in the space labeled ‘To what URL should this link go?’.
  5. Link Validation: Once you’ve clicked ‘OK,’ your selected text will transform into a clickable hyperlink. Always ensure your hyperlink is functioning correctly by hovering your cursor over it. The URL you inputted should display, indicating that clicking the link will direct you to that URL.

Incorporating Hyperlinks in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Starting a New Email: Open your Microsoft Outlook and create a new message by clicking on ‘New Email.’
  2. Composing your Email: Compose your email in the new message window. When you reach the part where you’d like to insert a hyperlink, highlight the text that will serve as the link.
  3. Hyperlink Addition: Next, go to the ‘Insert’ tab in the Ribbon at the top of your window, then select ‘Hyperlink.’
  4. Inserting the URL: A new dialogue box will appear where you can paste or type the URL you want to link to in the ‘Address’ field, then click ‘OK.’
  5. Link Verification: The text you selected should now appear as a clickable hyperlink. Hover your mouse over the link to ensure the hyperlink is correctly set up. The URL should display, confirming that clicking the hyperlink will guide you to the intended webpage.

Expert Advice

Don’t forget both Gmail and Outlook allow you to hyperlink text, images, or buttons. Select the image or button instead of the text in step 2, and then continue with the same subsequent steps.

Whether you’re using Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, embedding hyperlinks to your emails can impart a professional feel and provide your recipients with a seamless way to reach web resources directly. But ensuring that you link to reliable sites and content is crucial to uphold internet safety.

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