FREE Network Assessments: Make The Most Of Your School’s Next RFP

Orion Networks offers free network assessments to help schools and education institutions optimize their RFPs, harness the full extent of government funding for their IT, and establish high-performance and secure networks.

When Was The Last Time Your School’s Network Was Assessed?

Often the least thought of aspect of an IT infrastructure, the network is just as vital as any other part.

Why? Because it’s everything.

Both literally and otherwise, the network ties everything together and, by definition, includes all aspects of the environment. It’s the foundation of your IT environment and directly affects its performance and security.

That’s why Orion Networks offers free network assessments for schools like yours. Contact our team to book yours.

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The More You Know About Your Network, The Better

If you haven’t had your network assessed in a while, you’re likely past due. You may have equipment that’s out of date, which will affect your network performance and the security of your data, students, and teachers.

Furthermore, with the specific details gathered in our assessment, you can send out a Request For Proposal (RFP) to potential vendors and make full use of available government grants and funding.
The vendors you send the RFP to should be able to address your concerns, provide solutions to any identified issues, and detail how they would upgrade and update your network.

Why Is Your Network So Important?

The performance and security of your IT is directly dependent on your network.

It doesn’t matter how new and expensive your desktop computers are if they’re not connected to anything.

Especially given the prevalence of cloud computing in today’s modern world. Whereas at one point, locally-stored data on desktop computers that weren’t connected to a network were “good enough,” these days, it’s more likely than not that you’re storing data in the cloud. That means a network is a must.

In the same way, it doesn’t matter how fancy and well-maintained your servers are. Whether you manage an optimized onsite server farm or pay a substantial monthly fee for access to server space in a Tier-3 data center, that will all amount to nothing if your network isn’t managed correctly.

These are challenging times for K-12 schools. Budgets continue to shrink nearly every year, yet there is increasing pressure to develop innovative new state-of-the-art learning environments that serve students and faculty.

Legacy network infrastructure and the lack of proper professional planning often inhibit your ability to innovate efficiently and wisely. With the emergence of online learning, digital courses, and technology innovation, schools are looking for guidance in defining, designing, delivering, and managing these current initiatives.

The task of defining, designing, delivering, and managing their IT initiatives/solutions has never been more important. Many schools attempt to do it themselves only to find out that they do not have the knowledge and skills to do so in a comprehensive fashion.

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Have Your Network Assessed?

There are three key indicators that your network isn’t being taken care of:

  1. Your staff has been complaining about slow and lagging performance
  2. Your school is upgrading, expanding, or introducing a new software
  3. Your management team is uncomfortable with the lack of documentation

However, knowing you need a network assessment and getting one done are two different things…

What Should You Expect From A Network Assessment?

A network assessment will cover a range of areas to determine the health, reliability, and security of your network, including:

Network Infrastructure

The operating system versions, application types, circuits, and other equipment make up your network’s design and implementation.

Network Security

All internal/external entry points and any vulnerabilities within file or database servers or applications.

Network Performance

All information gathered will be combined with a thorough traffic analysis to determine over-utilization and availability issues.

Orion Networks Will Assess Your Network

Whether your network isn’t performing how you need it to, or if you want to see if you can save some money in your next RFP, Orion Networks is here to help.

We offer FREE network assessments for schools, which we will execute independently, or alongside your current IT team.

In the course of this assessment, we will:

  • Determine any areas in which you require (or will soon require) an upgrade
  • Carefully document your network requirements to help inform your next RFP
  • Provide further guidance or consulting to ensure you understand the state of your network

Book Your Free Network Assessment Today

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out everything you don’t know about your network and optimize your upcoming RFP.

Contact the Orion Networks team to book your assessment.  Orion Networks support higher education, K-12 schools, charter schools, private schools in Washington DC, Columbia, Bethesda, Richmond, and all throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the DC Metro Area.


How much does a network assessment cost?

Orion Networks offers free network assessments for schools in Washington DC, Columbia, Bethesda, Richmond and Virginia, Maryland, and the DC Metro Area.

What do you need to do to prepare for a network assessment?

Prior to your network assessment, Orion Networks will request certain information from you such as a list of locations to be assessed, contact information for key personnel at each location, and any specific concerns or issues you would like addressed.

You should also have an idea of what you hope to achieve from the assessment. This will help our team focus on areas that are most important to you and your school.

What happens after the network assessment is complete?

After the network assessment is complete, Orion Networks will provide you with a report that details our findings and recommendations.

If you have any further questions, our team is happy to discuss them with you and help you make the best decision for your school’s needs.

Contact us today to book your free network assessment!

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