Cloud databases are databases that run and are hosted on cloud computing platforms, access to which is offered as a service. Database service providers are responsible for maintaining high availability and scalability of the database. A cloud-hosted database serves similar functions as a conventional on-premise database, but with the flexibility and added benefits of cloud computing. To implement the database, users must install the necessary application on their chosen cloud infrastructure. In its most basic sense, a cloud database service offers convenient data organization on the cloud, allowing enterprise users to host any size of database without the need to invest on the purchase and maintenance of dedicated hardware. Below are some interesting facts and insights about cloud-hosted databases:

  • There are numerous benefits to using cloud-hosted databases as opposed to operating traditional on-premise physical servers and storage architectures. A cloud database setup puts the responsibility of maintenance, availability, and scalability of cloud computing servers, infrastructure, and storage in the hands of your service provider. You as the database owner and operator only need to worry about maintaining and supporting the contents of the database software and your application. Further still, DBaaS (database as a service) environments leaves users responsible for their data alone, as service providers take responsibility of maintaining and operating both the database infrastructure and software.
  • Significant cost savings also await cloud-hosted database users as you eliminate the need for maintaining physical infrastructure. In addition to reduced capital expenditures, you also save a great deal of cost in terms of decreased utility costs, less staff, and reduced need for physical space on which to host your infrastructure.
  • Some things you should consider when opting for a cloud database include the type of database technology offered, the amount of control you have over the database, as well as your security and maintenance responsibilities when using the service.

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