Need A Great IT Company To Setup Your Computer Network?

Your computer network infrastructure is the backbone of your business, which makes having a well-designed and expertly setup network vital. At Orion Networks, we provide comprehensive network setup solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland.

We will design and deploy a network system that can scale with the business and handle growth – our network setup solutions are customized to suit your current business needs and give you the flexibility to handle any changes. With our network setup services, you will be able to seamlessly add new employees, run more applications, and maintain operations of advanced voice, data, and wireless services faster.

Whether you are expanding your current office space, moving to a new one, or even setting up a second or third location, we will design a network that performs to meet your needs. Our certified network engineers have years of experience setting up computer networks of various sizes, requirements, and topology and will meticulously handle your network setup to maximize uptime and ensure scalability for your business’s future growth.

Network Setup Services

At Orion Networks, we provide robust network setup services that enable businesses to enhance network performance, reduce network costs, harmonize network management and lessen the burden for installing, monitoring, managing, securing, upgrading, and supporting the network. We offer a wide range of network setup services to help your organization get what you need from your network, from complete network installations to upgrades targeting network performance, security, or cloud integration.

Wireless Network Infrastructure

Connectivity is the first step to achieving a digital-ready infrastructure. A strong wireless network will increase agility, efficiency, flexibility, security, and network control. We take care of everything from assessment and planning to configuration and installation of your wireless infrastructure, setting up access points, switch architecture, and wireless bridges, and monitoring your wireless network with notifications to your IT staff of early-stage problems or potential issues. With Orion Networks, you can rest assured that your wireless network infrastructure will always be at its best, providing you with reliability, security, and speed.

Network Infrastructure Management

This is the process of monitoring network systems, such as servers, routers, computers, and security platforms, to ensure continued smooth operations and requires continual updates of the entire network infrastructure system’s availability, operation, and utilization across all interconnected devices.

Orion Networks’ network management services are designed to improve network optimization, application performance, reliability, operational efficiency, and staff productivity. We offer advanced monitoring and management of your network infrastructure, leveraging predictive network analytics to identify and detect potential network issues before they impact your network. Our network management services provide end-to-end transparency and unprecedented visibility and control into your network infrastructure.

Network Security Services

With the rising threat of cyberattacks, network security is more important than ever. At Orion Networks, we provide more than just network setup – we also ensure that your data remains secure by safeguarding your networks. We help you build a solid foundation and wall of security around your business network using multiple integrated avenues of protection. We combine layers of protective controls, such as access control, firewalls, email security, as well as around-the-clock network monitoring to ensure that your network is secure.

WAN Services

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a technology network that covers a larger geographical area. The network usually consists of several LANs (Local Area Networks) connected through public networks such as a telephone system, leased lines, and satellites, or by creating a private/secure network to run on public communication lines.

At Orion Networks, we provide WAN network installation services designed to help reduce costs, increase application performance, and deliver a more flexible network topology and faster deployment. We take the time to learn your current IT infrastructure and business objectives and work with you to create an efficient, reliable, and scalable WAN structure that meets your unique business needs. Whether you need a network for a single location or your organization has multiple locations with remote workers, we can provide high-quality WAN solutions, enabling users to access reliable connectivity.

Server Architecture Services

While your network is the heart of your business, the server is the heart of your network. A server is the management point for your network, allowing you greater control of your data storage. As such, your server has a big effect on your employees’ productivity. Running an underpowered server negatively affects your employees’ productivity. The team at Orion Networks will work with you to determine the correct resources to keep your data safe and ensure your server runs smoothly.

Cloud Architecture Solutions

Developing a cloud strategy is important but can also be confusing. Do you need an IT infrastructure, development platform, or software solution, or maybe all three? Should your cloud resources live on or off-premise or as a hybrid cloud model?

Our experts can evaluate, plan and implement the cloud architecture and services that make sense for your business. We bring proven methodologies to plan, design, migrate, secure, operate, and optimize your cloud infrastructure so you can enhance your agility, improve security, increase performance and efficiency, maximize your ROI and accelerate your time to value.

Data Cabling Services

In today’s fast-paced work environments, businesses are putting more and more data applications on their networks, such as voice, data, and video. The infrastructure that supports this communication technology always needs to operate optimally. An effective data cabling system reduces power and maintenance costs, saves you time and money you’d have spent on locating & rectifying any problems, and provides next-level flexibility, helping you to improve performance & drive business growth.

Orion Networks provides high-performance data cabling solutions that adhere to established standards and practices, with highly trained experts especially in-tune with telecom. We consider your requirements, including the infrastructure of your office space, the equipment and products you need, your immediate concerns, and the future of your communication system—which determines scalability and technological flexibility. This sets up your organization to meet present-day needs, as well as future challenges.

Need Network Setup Services in Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland? Orion Networks Can Help!

Our team of experts at Orion Networks is dedicated to providing the most versatile network setup solutions to suit your organization’s needs, from designing, implementing, upgrading, troubleshooting, monitoring, and maintaining your IT infrastructure. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and review of your computer network setup needs.

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