Antivirus programs are essential to every computer and mobile device. Without them, your computers and smartphones will be vulnerable to hackers and security breaches. Old school antivirus solutions can only offer limited amount of protection and they are usually expensive to maintain in the long run. Using cloud based antivirus solutions may be a better and cost-effective solution that can provide real-time protection. When you use a cloud based antivirus, the program is stored and runs on a cloud service instead of being installed to your computer. This way, it offloads the workload and functions of the antivirus to the cloud-based server.

Conventional security software relies on a local computer. With cloud based antivirus, you only have to install a small client program on your desktop and it connects to the internet to access the web service of the provider. After an antivirus scan, data from your computer is analyzed, and the things you must do for countermeasures will be sent back to you. Cloud antivirus is becoming increasingly popular with personal users and organizations who are looking for improved, reliable, faster, and real-time protection that is accessible any time.

If you’re looking to buy well-known antivirus and anti-malware programs that offer cloud based antivirus solutions, here are some features to look for:

  • Real-time monitoring, proactive detection of any new threat
  • Automatic sandboxing of all unknown files
  • Three layers of security: heuristic detection, in-depth analysis, and database of malicious codes
  • Protection as you browse, play, or work online
  • Light (so you will not even notice that it is in your machine)
  • Independent (so you do not have to worry about manual updates, configurations, and settings)

Cloud based antivirus can be a good option for small businesses. Not only is it cost-effective—it can also reduce the amount of time and effort devoted to conducting antivirus scans periodically. A locally installed antivirus solution may require a lot of storage space and consume a lot of memory every time it conducts a scan, causing delays and interruptions. Cloud based antivirus solutions are lighter on the local memory and storage, and it comes with all the features you will need to detect and remove or quarantine viruses and malware.


About the Author:

Mike Rana is the Chief Technology Advisor of Orion Network Solutions. Orion Network Solutions specializes in providing Computer Installation, Maintenance, and Consulting services along with 24×7 help desk services for small and midsize companies. We provide network solutions that enable small businesses to not only lower their management cost but also increases employee productivity at the same low price. We offer network solution that becomes an integral part of your organization and can provide an increase in productivity of your organization.

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