CFO Services Group Trusts Orion Solutions To Take Care Of Their Tech Support

Founded in 2012, CFO Services Group provides accessible and affordable accounting services to businesses and non-profits. They are based in Washington, DC, and provide expert business and non-profit accounting services to clients across the United States. Their team is composed of experts passionate about their client’s success.

“We are involved in several different aspects of management accounting,” says Corey Dennis, Operations Manager, CFO Services Group. “We are also involved in the educational aspect where we assist our community.”

Corey had to search for a reliable Tech Support company to take care of all their daily needs in Metro DC and to eliminate a problem that seemed impossible to solve. After researching and reading reviews, Dennis decided that Orion Solutions would be the best company.

CFO Services Group

Orion Solutions Removed The Need For 15 Vendors

As a remotely based accounting firm CFO Services Group recently started hiring additional staff from across the United States. They previously had another MSP that couldn’t do it all, billed by the hour, provided limited help, and would often take days to respond.

With a growing staff, it escalated Dennis’s concerns. She wanted and needed a quick and all-encompassing solution where she could hand over all of the IT, their computers, and any technical issues to one vendor. That’s why she brought Orion Solutions on board.

“I was looking for a permanent solution to avoid having 15 different vendors,” says Dennis.

With our help. Our team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals took complete control. They immediately turned the entire situation around, giving Corey the peace of mind she wanted. We were also able to save them over $40,000 in yearly-based charges.

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Orion Solutions Keeps CFO Services Group’s U.S. Staff Connected

With staff across the United States, CFO Services Group needed uninterrupted and constant communication with their entire team, especially for IT, Cloud, and technical issues. They needed a permanent solution where staff could contact our team directly.

On our end, they needed us to jump in and manage everything from onboarding and off-boarding employees to ensuring that things stayed secure. That’s when Corey discovered another unique feature Orion Solutions offers the previous MSP could not.

“I found out that they did chat tickets. Sammy Jo has been available for me,” says Dennis.

When there are IT issues, connectivity problems, or hardware concerns, the client needs instant communication with our team 24/7. That proactive approach helps CFO Services Group and its entire U.S. staff stay fully connected with us and each other.

Orion Solutions Consolidated Package Eliminated Chaos

There were a lot of moving parts the client could no longer control. If it wasn’t the phone systems, it was trying to pull things from different vendors. Struggling to get the IT systems and numerous technologies under one blanket became impossible.

“It’s overwhelming to bring all our systems and processes and updating into one concept,” says Dennis.

Removing those barriers and the need for multiple vendors, Orion Solutions gave control back to the CFO Services Group. Our IT team keeps everything consolidated and under one umbrella. The constant chaos our client experienced is no longer part of her daily routine.

“I know I have someone I can contact immediately and things will get fixed,” says Corey.

CFO Services Group Only Trusts Orion Solutions

“Being able to reach out via chat is ideal,” says Corey. “That peace of mind has been an immense relief.”

CFO Services Group provides top-notch services to their clients and expects the same from their vendors. Before meeting the Orion Solutions team, they had never experienced IT efficiency and the level of service our team provides to all of our clients.

With our support, CFO Services Group is confident that we are always on the same page with them. We continually provide them with the highest service quality and support they deserve. Orion Solutions remains committed to each of our clients and provides tailored IT solutions.

“It’s very nice and a huge relief because now my staff and I have options,” says Corey.

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