Manual work can take up too much of your time. Instead of being able to attend to other important tasks in your small business, it leaves you stuck doing repetitive work—thus reducing your productivity and causing you to miss out on opportunities. Have you thought about automating your IT infrastructure? Experts highly recommended this strategy as a first step to boosting your productivity and enabling you to focus more of your time on the major tasks that make your business profitable.

IT automation connects software and disparate systems in a manner that lets them self-regulate and act by themselves. Automation can be as simple as integrating a form into a PDF file that will be routed automatically to pre-assigned recipients, or it can be more complex—like an offsite backup’s automated provisioning.

 Industry Examples

IT automation eliminates manual processes that can take a lot of your effort and time. Many industries benefit from it, including real estate. Through IT automation, real estate offices can automatically list or find new contracts and customer data as soon as they are submitted. Tasks like transitioning the data and email server to cloud, data backup, and inventory management can be accomplished faster and effortlessly with minimal to zero errors. IT automation is also useful in a business that encourages self-service. With this system, end-users no longer need IT staff to manually collate and organize data.

 Save Money and Other Benefits

With IT automation, business operations can become more efficient while helping you save money in the long run. It is crucial for small and mid-sized companies that may lack the resources and budget for additional manpower. IT automation will help a small business boost productivity and throughput, improve the quality and consistency of their data and services, and reduce the need to hire and pay for additional labor. Automation may replace human eliminate the need to have your own IT department, too.

Automating your IT systems will be easier with help from a network solutions specialist that which can provide tools and solutions to get you started with IT automation. Some of these tools can help small businesses save money. LunarPages, for instance, provides web hosting configurations and advanced hosting solutions like complete IT infrastructure, private cloud hosing, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions. AddressTwo is the online-based CRM software that lets you create several user accounts with unique login credentials at no extra cost.  It records events with details about the user, so you can easily keep track of your sales team’s productivity and achievements.



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Mike Rana is the Chief Technology Advisor of Orion Network Solutions. Orion Network Solutions specializes in providing Computer Installation, Maintenance, and Consulting services along with 24×7 help desk services for small and midsize companies. We provide network solutions that enable small businesses to not only lower their management cost but also increases employee productivity at the same low price. We offer network solution that becomes an integral part of your organization and can provide an increase in productivity of your organization.


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