Mobile apps are not merely for big-time businesses. In fact, every business (regardless of size) can benefit from having a mobile application. When implemented with a good mobile strategy, mobile applications for your business may help boost your sales, generate more leads, and keep existing and prospective customers interested in what you have to offer. Mobile applications can be an important aspect of your marketing strategy for the following reasons:

  • Establish a marketing channel that is direct and easily accessible to your customers – Apps can be versatile in a sense that they can deliver or include general information, booking forms, prices, user accounts, newsfeeds, messengers, search features, and other features you think may be necessary to keep your business easily available to your customers.
  • They keep your business available all the time – An average American tends to spend over two hours on his or her mobile device daily, and while only a few applications are encompassed in this usage, users will still have to swipe, scroll, and scan for the apps they want to use. When they have your app, you can establish your presence in their subconscious minds, even if they do not use it for that particular session.
  • Mobile apps provide better value to your users – One of the most common applications of mobile apps for a business is enabling a digitized loyalty program, which will make it easier for customers to keep track of points and collect rewards through their mobile devices. This way, your mobile application may encourage more downloads and return customers. The more customers use or buy your services and products, the more points they can earn, which they can use to obtain certain products or services that they need or could want. Starbucks, for instance, uses a mobile app to providing exclusive rewards to those who have it.


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