Tech Support for Non Profits and Associations

Non-profits and associations manage their IT operations under limited funds and resources. We focus on helping optimize their budget for maximum utility. We identify critical work flow requirements for Non Profit Organization, assess the available technologies, which would suite their technical and operational requirements and recommend a comprehensive implementation plans.

We also help create a short term and long term IT roadmap specific to your organization so you are not blind-sided by unforeseen expenses and avoid any sudden breakdown of your infrastructure.

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We provide following facilities to Non-Profits & Associations:

  • Data Backup Solutions and Methodologies
  • Operating System Migration
  • Inventory Management
  • Deployment Methodologies
  • Security Model Implementation
  • No Hassle Monthly Maintenance Plan with On-site service
  • Flex hour Ad-hoc requirement based plan
  • Manage users and various access groups
  • Network Design & Installation Services
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Server and Client data back-ups (onsite and/or offsite)

As part of our community program, we also support a year of free IT service for an eligible organization each year. If you are interested in this program, Please contact us here.

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