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Today’s complex technology environments, limited budgets, competing demands from the business, and challenges with staffing make it difficult for IT teams to provide comprehensive IT support. Many IT teams are treading water, drowning in reactive support tickets, with little time to add value through projects or enhancements.

This is where outsourced IT help desk services come in. Outsourcing your IT help desk services will allow your users to have faster, more comprehensive support without straining your internal team. At Orion Networks, we provide IT help desk services to SMBs and enterprises in the DC Metro area. We provide all clients access to our 24×7 help desk services, managed by a team of trained experts on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without costly overhead.

As your IT help desk service provider, Orion Networks is the first point of contact for your employees and customers when they need tech support. Our help desk responds to routine issues, isolates more complex issues, troubleshoots those issues with end-users, determines when to escalate tickets, and liaises between end-users and higher-level support and infrastructure teams to resolve their issues.

From resource identification to software troubleshooting and system checks, our IT help desk teams can swiftly establish the nature of your service request and initiate efficient incident and problem management with a proven, cost-effective managed approach. We adapt alongside you as your business environment evolves, so you always have the level of service desk support you want without having to pay for more than you need.

Why Work With Orion Networks As Your Help Desk Company?

Our IT help desk services are designed to help you leverage your technology to empower your business. We proactively take care of all your devices, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and servers. It’s our mission to deliver reliable IT help desk services to ensure your applications and workstations are available and accessible whenever and wherever you need them. Plus, your employees can contact our technicians 24/7/365 for any issues they need help with troubleshooting.

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose to use our IT help desk services:


Employee productivity is essential to driving your success. When your employees are unable to get the IT support they need when they need it, your business suffers. Responsive, proactive IT support is key to keeping things running and avoiding problems down the road.

At Orion Networks, we believe that you deserve reliable and responsive IT support. When you use our IT help desk services, you gain responsive user support and reporting from a professional team of trained service desk specialists. When you call, we answer, and we don’t rest until the problem is solved and you’re happy with the solution.

Depth of Knowledge 

Orion Networks help desk services provide your business with a team of experienced, certified engineers ready to assist your users with their technical issues. Our help desk team has the talent, knowledge, and experience to assist your users with a wide variety of system errors – not just basic speed bumps.

Their ongoing training, access to the latest knowledge and industry-leading tools, and wide range of experience serving multiple customers across different industries allow them to diagnose and resolve issues rapidly and accurately. They can identify the root cause of recurring incidents and work on a permanent fix to prevent such problems from occurring in the future.

Local Expertise  

With so many people depending on your business, it’s crucial to provide quality IT support. Having a local help desk will eliminate the problem offshore providers have with untrained staff, frequent mismanagement of tasks, communication issues, issues with time management, and overall poor service.

As a local IT help desk, Orion Networks provides immediate response time to support tickets and communication with an actual person (not a recording) the same day. Additionally, we can provide on-site support if necessary because we are local to you. Sometimes hardware needs troubleshooting that can’t be done via phone, video conference, or remote sign-in.

Around-the-Clock Services 

Most internal IT teams operate on a traditional 9-to-5 work schedule, but system issues can occur outside office hours. Having no help desk support in place after hours can lead to frustrated customers, complaints, and other preventable headaches. At Orion Networks, we understand how critical the efficient use of your IT systems is to your day-to-day operations.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with around-the-clock, best-in-class IT help desk services. Our continuous service ensures that your critical IT systems and applications are always up and running and that any problems are resolved quickly and accurately by helpful, knowledgeable technicians.

Benefits of Our IT Help Desk Services

When you outsource your IT help desk services to Orion Networks, you gain these benefits:

  • Greater efficiency and productivity: Our 24/7 help desk support improves operational efficiencies by reducing the time users spend on fixing incidents or problems. By providing employees with an IT help desk, you’re giving them the support they need when challenges arise, leading to less frustration and more productivity. As a result, happier employees.
  • Free up your IT staff: Dealing with minor user issues all day can be frustrating for your internal IT staff. By outsourcing IT help desk services to Orion Networks, your IT staff can work on more strategic tasks and projects than the mundane, daily software and hardware issues tasks.
  • Scalable flexibility: When implementing a new fleet of devices or transitioning to a new cloud solution, end users may call the help desk more frequently. With our help desk services, you’ll never need to worry about hiring and training more people to handle an increased call volume. We can easily scale up or down according to your needs, and you’ll pay only for the amount of service you use.
  • Significant cost savings: An outsourced help desk solution can help your organization save considerably. By letting us handle your IT help desk needs, your business doesn’t need to worry about training, the necessary hardware and software, a space for the help desk team, or hiring new staff members to support it. We take on this responsibility and provide you with expert support at a fraction of the cost. Our transparent pricing strategy also allows for predictable budgeting.

Our IT Help Desk Process

All Orion Networks tickets are tracked and monitored for strict adherence to contract service level agreements (SLA). The SLAs stipulate response time requirements for reported issues and escalation timeframes based on priority levels.

  1. New service request: The end-user reports an issue by phone, web form, or email.
  2. Processing: The reported issue is entered into and tracked via a unique service ticket number in our ticket management system. The user receives an email notification referencing their service ticket number, indicating that the issue has been received and logged.
  3. Prioritization: The ticket is assigned a priority based on the specific type of issue encountered and the expected impact this issue will have on the customer’s business. We prioritize mission-critical tasks first while not disregarding the smaller-scale issues we deal with more frequently.
  4. Assignment: We route the ticket to the best resource to handle the issue in the most expedited way.
  5. Customer updates: The user receives a call and/or email notifications on the progress of the work as the technician works to resolve the issue.
  6. Issue Resolution: The issue is resolved, and the technician records notes on steps taken to resolve the issue and how to prevent the issue from reoccurring in the future. After the help desk manager reviews the ticket and resolution information, the ticket is closed, and the user is notified of the resolution.

Need IT Help Desk Services in Washington DC? Orion Networks Can Help!

Is your internal IT team struggling with endless IT support requests, do you experience frequent downtime, or is your employees’ productivity suffering because of frequent IT issues? If this sounds like your organization, you need to consider outsourcing your IT help desk service needs to Orion networks. When you’re constantly battling IT problems, you are always playing catch-up, and you will lag behind your competitors who treat IT as an integral part of their business.

With our highly responsive, 24/7 IT help desk services, you’ll have more productive employees, increased efficiencies and scalability, improved focus on business, not IT issues, and a controllable budget and tools to reduce cost. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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