Orion Network Solutions
Your Metro DC IT Company

Orion Network Solutions was founded in 2011 with a simple goal—make technology easier for the organizations we work with.

Orion Network Solutions Your Metro DC IT Company

Orion Network Solutions
Your Metro DC IT Company

Orion Network Solutions was founded in 2011 with a simple goal—make technology easier for the organizations we work with.

We saw an ongoing challenge in the IT industry—cookie-cutter support and solutions. Without understanding the context of the human component of organizations, this type of approach would never make technology easier for clients.

Our founding team knew that by getting to know our clients, their teams, and how they work, we could help them overcome their technology challenges in a much more meaningful way. That’s why we always start our relationships by taking the time to understand the organization and make ourselves a part of their extended team. As an integral component of their business, we can make a lasting difference in the way they use technology.

We also focused on delivering a complete vertical integration of everything we do. While our competitors tend to outsource many components of their offerings, we manage everything in-house. It took us longer to build our suite of services—but we were able to build it right!

What started as a simple idea in a basement has now expanded multiple times over the course of a decade. Today, Orion Network Solutions works with over 100 clients and counting. Hire Orion today as your next Metro DC IT company.

Is Your IT An Expensive Source Of Stress?

Making IT easy as your Metro DC IT company, means solving the ongoing problems as well as putting more forethought and taking a strategic approach. We often see Organizations and Businesses struggle with myriad Technology issues such as –

  • Repeat IT issues that distract your business’ leadership
  • Always playing catch-up on leveraging current Technology for your Organization
  • Difficulty maintaining compliance with new and changing regulations
  • Chronic downtime that kills your staff’s productivity
  • An excess of IT work that overloads your internal IT team

If you wouldn’t describe your IT as “easy”, then we’re the right partner for you. We turn IT from a source of stress to a powerful business tool by:

  • Acting as your reliable in-house IT team that spans across day-to-day operational as well as long term strategic aspects of your Technology landscape
  • Providing high ROI on an affordable, flat-rate IT support model
  • Delivering extremely responsive support (response in less than 5 minutes)
  • Liaising with vendors so you don’t have to
  • Performing regular compliance checks and addressing any identified shortcomings
  • Assisting with IT budgeting for necessary upgrades and other projects
  • Managing a robust disaster recovery plan to ensure you can keep working no matter what
  • Providing expert cloud consulting to help you harness new technologies without assuming any additional risk

Essentially, our team carefully manages your IT in order to optimize it for each and every business process you undertake on a daily basis.

Is Your IT An Expensive Source Of Stress

Meet The Team At Your Metro DC IT Company

Plus, we have a team of an additional 18 full-time engineers, SysAdmin, and DevOps experts that are engaged for additional support and various client projects.  Orion Networks is the top choice as your next IT company in Metro DC, Virginia or Maryland.

Orion Networks Solutions

The Future Of Orion Networks Solutions
Your Metro DC IT Company

Orion Networks is committed to helping more and more clients see technology as an asset, not a problem. We look forward to working with more businesses as we expand our network of clients even further.

As we grow, we will be able to develop a diverse and engaged team. In addition to providing expert IT management services, Orion Networks will give back to the community and generate exciting, rewarding employment opportunities.

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