How Massachusetts’ IT Security Found in Dept Of Revenue Audits Faults

The office of the state auditor of Massachusetts, Suzanne Bump, found the Department of Revenue to have an insufficient defense in protecting sensitive taxpayer data, such as payment histories and social security numbers, against cyberattacks. That said, the agency started working towards improving their training and strategic planning.

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Managed IT services in Arlington VA is critical to every type or size of business or organization. Even government agencies need reliable managed IT support to oversee their network and computers at all times. Although the audit done by Massachusetts’ state auditor’s office found no trace of sensitive data being compromised recently, they found that the Department of Revenue is not prepared to mitigate or respond to cyberattacks, which it and its vendors face. They lack procedures to guide response to any IT security incident. The review encompassed the security-related and IT activities of the department from July 2016 to 2018.

The audit specifically found that the Department of Revenue does not have an IT strategy committee and an intergovernmental agreement with the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security to ensure cybersecurity support. Moreover, it has been found to lack documentation on incident response procedures and that it failed to assess the risks related to third-party vendors properly. According to Bump, the Department of Revenue is missing an entire infrastructure for data security.

If you find yourself in that same situation, you may want to consider finding a reliable provider that specializes in managed IT services in Alexandria. As per Bump, the Department of Revenue must do all it takes to protect the data of taxpayers against misuse, as taxpayers have no choice but to provide that to the government. It is the Department’s responsibility to make sure that it is safe. Likewise, your business must make an effort to protect its data with managed IT services in Arlington VA. The Department is currently taking steps to monitor system traffic in real-time to identify and block threats and prevent the disclosure of sensitive data under non-secure conditions. Moreover, it will start working with EOTSS to create governance, risk, and compliance committee to meet at least once a year.